Typing out something I can't say (yet) to the people who need to hear it

Lots of drama that was started because of my bridal shower back in July that STILL isn't settled (My MIL KEEPS saying she's going to handle it but it's taken THIS long and I'm getting pretty annoyed). I REALLY want to send this to those involved but since I was specifically asked not to say anything I'm just typing it out to hopefully feel better.

I had absolutely nothing to do with ANY of this yet I was made out to be the enemy that everyone is hating on (6 people that I know of).



You already KNEW I was majorly stressed out from planning the wedding but the crap you pulled was just icing on the freakin cake. What was supposed to be the happiest time in my life turned out to be complete misery because of ALL OF YOU. Now whenever I think back on planning I think of this. It's a horrible memory that I will ALWAYS have.

You say I'm "family" but you treat me like this? SERIOUSLY??? Do you treat your family like this? Nope! So I'm OBVIOUSLY NOT APART OF YOUR FAMILY! Shirley is still somewhat in your stupid circle EVEN AFTER the crap she pulled at the baby shower. She ACTUALLY did something awful (which has been confirmed by people who were actually at the shower) yet I'M the one shunned. I'M the one ignored. I'M the one who's being talked about behind my back. You say happy freakin birthday to her and joke around even after her crap but I don't even get a CONGRATULATIONS after getting married. Did you even come talk to me about any of this to maybe see "why" I supposedly did what I "did"? NO. You just assumed crap and threw me aside. There is ALWAYS two sides to a story but you didn't even give me the chance to tell mine. And the fact that you were childish enough to PURPOSELY not invite me to the baby shower is just PATHETIC. You won't listen to Tommy about any of this because you're older but YOU'RE the ones acting like stubborn little brats. You may be older age wise but on a maturity level you're clearly not. GROW UP and act your freakin age!

Seriously, who were you really hurting with that? Not me because I have never met Keith or Wendy before. The only one that could have in some way been negatively affected by this is the baby because I didn't have the opportunity to buy her a gift which I gladly would have.

Mila not being invited to my stupid Bridal Shower was nothing personal. My own aunts were not even invited but were they hurt? NO. Why? Because it's not a freakin big deal and because there will be ANOTHER SHOWER FOR FAMILY!!!! She was invited to the wedding OVER my own family. The wedding is whats important not a stupid BRIDAL SHOWER!!!

And to find out that you and your husband asked Tommy if he's sure he still wants to marry me BECAUSE OF CRAP YOU SAID I DID pushed me over the edge. I thought we were close but I guess I was wrong. If I had known this before the wedding I would have told you not to come because our INTIMATE wedding is for people who support us.

Get over yourselves already.

Posted on October 17, 2010 at 10:02 am


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oh dear, im sorry your face with all that crap

my plannin experience was a walk through hell on some days

so i totally understand where your coming from

i hope they all come to their senses an you can work it out

hope it all gets better

Posted on October 30, 2010 at 2:29 pm

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