Update for my ladies :)

** UPDATE 11/6/12 ** AF is officially in town :( My temps dropped today. Love you all, thank you for the positive vibes... I needed them today.... for some reason this hit me pretty hard and I'm trying to keep my hopes up :) I KNOW it will happen... I just need to be patient. ****


Good morning lovelies :) I hope you all had a great weekend!! :)

You are all so sweet and made my day this morning when I saw you were stalking the November Testers thread to see my results! I have a lot to vent about/share, so I wanted to put it in it's own thread. I DID change my test day on Friday because FF changed my expected AF from 11/3 to 11/5 so that's why that changed ;) haha


Ok.... here it goes. So yesterday morning, I figured I would take a PT. My temps were still WAY over my cover line (coverline is 97.13, and my temp on Sunday morning was 97.82. So I figured I would test. I took a first response with the two lines... and there was BARELY BARELY BARELY a second line, but it was there!! POSITIVE!! I started crying and I was on FaceTime with DH (he is hunting and out of state)... but he couldn't see the second line. SO I quick went to the store... got another test and took it (BAD Kristen... I know you're supposed to wait 4 hours but I didn't) and it was negative :( UGH SO I let myself be a little happy... but not too much because I wasn't sure which one was right.

About two hours after that happened, I went to the bathroom and I had a little blood. It was brown/dark brown and I wasn't cramping... but I just started crying and thought it was my period. So.... I tried to relax all day yesterday but I still had some brown blood discharge with only a little red every now and then, and told myself "your period is due tomorrow 11/5 and if your temp is still up and you still haven't gotten a full blown period, take another test.


I wake up this morning, my temp is still 97.85 so that got me excited!! I took a PT... Negative. Again :( I've still had some brown bleeding and just a cramp every few hours (nothing period like).... but I'm thinking it's going to be my period. :( I'm trying to not get my hopes up. BUT - I've never had a period like this before.

A) My temps are WAY WAY UP, way above the coverline..... and normally the day before/of my period it plummets
B) I only spot for ONE day and then get full on bleeding/cramping... very heavy and my cramping is all day. I had spotting and slight cramps yesterday... and again today. My cramps are nothing period like... and they come and go randomly. It's odd that this is the second day in a row of "spotting"... but it is only on my TP when I wipe.. not anything close to being on my underwear or needing a tampon for.


SOOO - that is my super long update. I was pretty much crying all day yesterday but I have to keep it together today at work. Right now.. I'm thinking BFN... but I'll have to see what the rest of today/tomorrow bring. <3 you all!

Posted on November 5, 2012 at 4:28 am


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Oh no, so sorry Hon!! :(  But so good news that your LP was 13 days and that the B6 worked for you!!! FX for your next cycle. I'm sure we will have a bunch of BFP by the end of the year :)

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 10:49 pm
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