Wedding Beauty Tips

Wedding Beauty Tips

1. Use Dark Sparingly. Everybody wants a sexy, smoky eye. When using a dark colour on the eye, keep it only at the outer corner. It gives you the maximum effect with less makeup. This means liner, shadow and mascara. By controlling where the dark is, you'll still get the smoky look minus the nightclub eyes.

2. Highlight. You'll look as though you have the most fabulous skin and it will make you look skinnier. For your face, apply the highlighter in spots where the light reflects, like the bridge of the nose and forehead. Never, ever take a shimmer lotion and apply it all over your body. It will actually make you look bigger than you are. Instead apply, it to your bonier areas, like your collarbone if you're wearing a strapless dress or the shins if you're opting for a cocktail length.

3. Fake It. When there's a video involved, there's a benefit to the false eyelashes. Using individual lashes, as opposed to the strip style, on the outer corner of your eye. Only three individual lashes are the magic number brides need.

4. Hire Help. A bride should have a makeup artist on her wedding day. The makeup artist can come in early in the day, do the job and you're good for the rest of the wedding. The only thing you'll need to replenish is your lip colour, which can be easily done on your own.

5. Get Glossy. Brides who want to enlarge their lips should do it with gloss and pencil, not lipstick. You don't need to gloss your whole mouth and in fact, you shouldn't. Just shine the middle. It gives you more of a pout.

6. Take a Trial. This is the best way to make sure you and your artist are on the same track. The trial is the time to bring in your favourite lip gloss or find a new gloss via your makeup artist’s selection. You must have a brand new gloss, in regards to your wedding-day makeup. It's a feel-good thing and it's a small addition to your wedding costs.

7. Find Your Fragrance. Purchase a special fragrance for the wedding , it's a must-do!

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