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Wedding Dress frustrations solved!


My name is Jessica and my husband and I got married 6/23/12. We got engaged in December of '11 and I immediately started planning! My budget was very small, the final cost of my entire wedding was $1,500. I found a dress online right away and I knew it was MY dress and immediately ordered it. I was so excited and everything was going great until my dress was late arriving. It took over a week more than what I was told for my dress to arrive and when it finally did I could not wait to open it. However, I was very dissappointed when it looked nothing like the picture and it was hideous! I tried the dress on hoping that maybe it wouldnt look so bad on and maybe we could salvage it, but as soon as it was laced up I started bawling. It was uncomfortable and horridly ugly. We immediately contacted the place we bought it from and fought with them for the next month over a refund.

I immediately started searching elsewhere for a dress, and found another. We bought one but I was still devastated and the other dress was not as promised either. At this point I was very depressed and frustrated and it was only 2 and a half months before the wedding. Now most of you are probably thinking I was crazy to order online again, but I lived in a very rural area and there were no decent dress shops within 5 hours who had decent dresses. I came across outer inner one day while looking for bridesmaids dresses. I was very leary of ordering anything else online, but we proceeded. I had decided that maybe if the bridesmaids dresses were as promised I would order my dress there.

When the bridesmaids dresses arrived I was ecstatic! They were exactly as promised and they were amazing! I immediately started shopping on outer inner for my wedding dress. I found one and we ordered it and I waited. I was very nervous and the day it came I was a bit hesitant to open it. I finally opened it and it was beautiful! I was crying but this time it was for good! I was so relieved that it was exactly like the picture and I finally had a dress, at this piont the last thing we needed for the wedding.

Thank you outer inner for being honest and a lifesaver!

Jessica McCormick




Posted on May 18, 2013 at 9:44 am

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