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Hey ladies,

Just wanted to stop by and say congrats to all of you. I love weddings, and I hope you all have happy and blessed marriages. If you are still shopping for your wedding, or have items that you would like to sell on a consignment basis, I just opened Budget Friendly Weddings Resale shop in Traders Village. My boutique has new & gently used wedding items, everything from New wedding gowns $160-$375, flower girl dress $45, jewelry, vases, candle holders, shoes, favors, and much much more, all at great prices. We are located in the first row in Traders Village 7979 N. Eldridge Rd, Houston, TX 77041. All PW Brides get a free silicone BRIDE bracelet for visiting my shop. Just visit Budget Friendly Wedding website, register with our site and visit our store for your free BRIDE bracelet. Recent Brides intrested in selling your gently used items on consignmentcontact me. Remember its your wedding, your budget. It's not about how much $ you send on your wedding, but the love that you two share.

Happy wedding planning.

Operation Hours 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday

Traders Village Suite#130


Posted on October 12, 2011 at 12:56 pm


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