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Budget Savvy Brides: $5K and Under

Where to begin?

We have a small budget and I want to Do as much as I can myself but I am feeling really overwhelmed at the moment. 

Any ideas, suggestions, advice etc on where to start with DIY projects?

We are getting married in Feb. 2013. Lunch time- simple, budget, DIY.

Our colors 

We haven't booked the hall yet, we also need to make arrangements for the justice of the peace.

We are having the ceremony in the same room as the reception.

Colors are pink, chocolate brown, and cream.

We were thinking possibly using fake flowers.

I have my wedding dress, jewelry, and undergarments. We bought faux flower petals for the flowergirl. We got our invitations which we will be doing on the computer (any idea how to jazz them up). We got paper lanterns to decorate with in our colors (pink and chocolate brown). We got some white Christmas lights. We ordered our rings this week.

Any ideas?

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 3:47 am


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Okay, here are some ideas:

  • Since you're doing your ceremony in the same room as the reception, you can set it up one of two ways--you can have people sit at tables while the ceremony is taking place OR you can do what a friend of mine did whose family insisted on a more traditional set up (with the chairs in rows) and divide the space in half--tables in one area, chairs set up in rows in the other area, and able-bodied guests carried the chairs to the tables.

  • Since it will be a lunchtime wedding, most guests will probably be hungry, so try going for finger foods, or you may want to ask guests to bring a dish and to do a potluck.

  • Find simple centerpiece ideas that can be done on the cheap--rustic and shabby chic weddings lend themselves well to this, as you can go to a thrift store or create your own vases and use inexpensive flowers like carnations or baby's breath (if you buy Starbucks frappucino drinks or something similar at the store, you can easily repurpose them as vases).

  • Look for ways to do inexpensive bouquets for you and your attendants--maybe a single flower for your attendants, a clutch, fabric flowers, or silk flowers.  You can also forego the bouts or you can find cheap alternatives.  Our guys wore bouts made out of vintage sheet music, and I was able to get six for less than $10, and they were the perfect size!

  • If it will work with your guests, have them RSVP online--that will save a little on postage and a lot on printing.  This is very easy with the various sites that offer free wedding website hosting--I think almost all (if not, all) have an online RSVP feature.

  • Look to etsy, PW's classifieds section, eBay, and Craig's List for deals.  Also, if you're on Facebook, see if there is a "garage sale" or "buy, barter, sell" group for your area.  Those seem to be pretty popular, and you can find excellent buys on clothing, decorations, jewelry, etc.

  • Instead of programs, set up a chalkboard or sign listing the officiant, the bride, the groom, and the wedding party.  If your group is close knit, forego programs altogether.

  • You can DIY just about anything!  Just look to Pinterest and the PW boards for inspiration.

  • If friends offer to help you--accept it!

Hope this helps!
Posted on August 13, 2012 at 12:42 pm


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To add a little to what Moore said -

You're having it at lunchtime as you said.  Check for paper products at the Dollar Tree (.com) or Oriental Trading.  They both have a pretty good selection of wedding products on their websites. 

Flowers - you can do fake, paper, or tissue depending on how DIY you are.  I'm sure there are videos on how to make them on Youtube.  You can make enough for centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres.

Invitations - to "dress up" your invitations use a desktop publishing software like Print Shop. (That's how I did mine.) 

As for RSVP's - I have a few on my invite list who are not very computer savvy.  I elected to make RSVP postcards to be mailed back to us.  Post card stamps are 13 cents less than regular stamps so it saves you a little money there.

Hope this helps!

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 5:45 am

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