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Budget Savvy Brides: $5K and Under

Beggin, Borrowin and Bargin'n Brides

So far I'm really satisfied with the overall bridal experience. I can't say its all been hearts and flowers but I'm still enjoying myself. We're aiming for a $4,000 budget including the honeymoon. I love all the bargins I've found so far. I have about $2200 worth of stuff for my wedding so far but I only spent about $250. Current Break down:

Dress and petticoat- $149 (Free shipping)

Originally $700


Photo Guest Book 12x12, 20 pages - Free (just paid 12.83 for shipping) 

Originally $55.00


Mason Jars - Free

At least $1.00 per jar ( or more if they were glass Candle vases)


25 Chinese Lanterns, 1 parasol, 10 fans - $60.00 on sale


Additional 7 black fans - Free
originally $1.00 each


Photography - Free (Done by my dad)

Would have been At Least $1000 minimum


Transportation- Free


Current Total : $ 221.83

Original Cost : Approx. $ 2200.00


A few things I'm currently reseraching include :

Wedding Site - $70.00 We're using our local Botanical Gardens which requires very little decorations.

Tuxedos - $100 : We found a local clothing vendor who previously rented Suits and Tuxedos but are not doing it anymore so they're getting rid of the suits!

FI Wedding Band: The company I'd like to order it from is charging $400 for this wedding band but I found a web coupon for $50.00 so that brings it down to $350.00! I don't want to list the company name yet since I havn't ordered the ring so I'm not 100% sure that the coupon works. 

Music: The jury is still out on this one because I really really wanted a guitarist for our wedding. But I only wanted him for my walk up the aisle so we're trying to see if we should splurge here or should we just record some guitar music instead since it would be cheaper.

Honeymoon : We're disney vaction club members so we pay a monthly fee for stay at just about any of the resorts.  We're planning to spend a week there at Animal Kingdom Lodge as part of our honeymoon!

I'm sharing every little detail in hopes that I'm helping another bride out there. PW is one of the main reasons I could even begin to suceed with everything I've set out to do for
this wedding. So I hope I'm returning the favor to someone else!

Posted on January 4, 2012 at 6:47 am


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i hear ya..goodjob.

Posted on March 15, 2012 at 9:38 am

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