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People ask me over and over again, “Where do you get your coupons?”, it is perhaps the most frequent question I receive in the coupon world. And rightly so, because if you’re clueless in the pursuit of coupons, you will get no where! It’s the first step in saving money. Fortunately there are many places to find coupons, some obvious, and others not.

For most people the local newspaper is the most obvious coupon resource. However, in the past few years the major coupon inserts (red plum and smart source) have either slimmed down their inserts or completely pulled them from many newspapers across the country. So if your newspaper gets little to no inserts, there’s an alternative solution.

Larger cities always have more coupons in their newspapers. If you’re like me and live in a relatively suburban township, you can usually buy the newspapers from the surrounding larger cities at either (a) local grocery stores or (b) local convenient stores. There’s a third option which is to buy them from newspaper dispensers, but the downside to this is the possibility of coupon theft! You put your quarters in, get the newspaper, only to find out that some person has taken all of the inserts! Avoid dispensers whenever possible.

Printable Coupons 
Printable coupons are the cheapest and easiest way of obtaining coupons. There are numerous websites from which you can print coupons. For each of the coupon websites listed below, you have to enter your zip code. In the next chapter (Coupon Strategy) I will discuss how to maximize the value of each coupon based on different zip codes.

    SmartSource posts new coupons on the first of every month. One thing to keep in mind is if you really want a coupon, print it as soon as you can because all coupons have print limits. Usually the higher value the coupon and the more popular the product, the faster the coupon will reach its’ print limit. I’ve seen high value coupons reach their print limit within a few hours of being posted.

    The only difference between RedPlum and SmartSource is that RedPlum posts new coupons every Sunday morning.

  • is also a great source to find coupons.

Ordering Coupons Online 
The second way in which the internet can be used to obtain coupons is by ordering them from a few key websites. Newcomers to the world of couponing are often frightened by this concept, but you’re buying coupons when you buy newspapers. Ordering coupons online is usually cheaper than newspapers.There are many sites to order coupons, below are a few that I like the most.

    I find this site the most user-friendly and have the best prices around.


    This website facilitates a coupon community. It’s a great place to buy/sell and trade coupons; both clipped and whole inserts.

    Sellers on eBay usually sell single coupons in bulk. You can sometimes get great deals if you want 20 or more of a certain coupon, otherwise if you just want a few, you’re better off sticking with the other coupon services.

A coupon mailer is a free book of coupons mailed to you directly from a single manufacturer such as Proctor & Gamble. You have to visit the manufacturer’s website and signup to receive their coupons. Mailers are not subscription based, so you have to keep an eye out on each company when they choose to have a new mailer promotion. One of the ways to keep tabs on these promotions is to “Like” them on Facebook. If they don’t have a Facebook page, you can routinely check their website for mailer announcements.

Blinkies & Tearpads 
People tend to overlook coupons that are offered in store. A blinky is an electronic machine that some stores offer in which anyone can use to access coupons. A tearpad is a book of coupons which are physically located next to the product in the product aisle. Both blinkies and tearpads are easy ways to access free coupons, so do not overlook them!

For more information, go here!

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