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Dress/Tux Ordered :D

Yay, last night we ordered our outfits for the wedding. Customed both and did full extensive measuring where we triple checked it and sent additional based on anything we could find from websites lol. I'm very short and he's a tiny bit taller than the average sizes, therefore we had to do custom, but we stayed around our size measurements.

My color scheme: blue/lavender(purple)

Yay last night we photo 2206770-1Yay last night we photo 2206770-2

My dress: STYLE NO.WWD0039R but with royal blue as the trim, they sent me a picture of the blue they are going to use

Yay last night we photo 2206770-3Yay last night we photo 2206770-4

Petticoat: Petticoat Style 2

Yay last night we photo 2206770-5

His Tux: Men's Single Breasted Two Button Classic Tuxedo

Yay last night we photo 2206770-6

We are so excited! Payment already gone through, paypal of course, and requested photos for while they are doing it.

We got a response this morning about all the measurements and everything to be very thorough, and they said they can't take photos of petticoats or tuxes, but would take ones of the dress and that we should have it by the beginning of Oct which is perfect as our wedding is in December.

Does everyone think that was the perfect petticoat for the dress?

I really thought the site had free shipping, maybe I was blending it with info from other sites; but I thought that was one of the factors that made me choose them, besides accepting paypal and having low costs with great reviews/products. However when we ordered we had to pay like $65shipping (lowest choice). Total costs came out to $315, which isn't bad for a dress, tux, and petticoat.

This is a picture they had sent me before of one they had made (without petticoat):

Yay last night we photo 2206770-7

Posted on August 31, 2010 at 1:43 am

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