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Problems with my order :/

Hey Ladies!!

I first ordered my dress, along with my daughters on the 19th October, with my reciept date to be the 25th November because i want to avoid our Christmas rush, if the snow is bad Royal Mail can cancel post from places and didnt want this to happen.

My wedding is the 23rd February 2013. 

I have had nothing but problems since i ordered, although give them their due they have been good with communication. 

I was after a Maggie Sottero, and forwarded the pictures who which i was quoted by Paris, when i she asked about the train i said i would like it exactly like the picture, but in her quote it said without a train, As i asked again if this meant what train was pictured she said yes. 

Finally after clarifying the confusion with Ivy, she said that on top of the $210.19 i would need to pay an additional $40 for the train to be added. To say i was annoyed is an understatement!! Luckily i ordered when the offer of $45 off orders over $300 was on so i only had to pay an extra $10. 

So after 19 days of having all my measurements, because my waist area is 5" bigger than my hips, because the MS dress is a trumpet/mermaid style they said they didnt want to make the dress because it would change the dress too much and make the waist area look like a ball shape. 

So finally i found another Sottero and Midgley dress that the waist is higher and should suit perfectly, i will be trying it on in a local bridal store in the next few weeks, 

They quoted me $223.13 and would like pay the extra $13, im trying to explain that infact if anything they should be refunding me $20 because the total of my previous dress was $250. 

This delay has been such a stress, thbey said to expect picture of my dress within 25 days, were getting close to that and not one stitch has been made on a dress! I dont want them to rush it and ruin it either! 

Arggghhhh!!! Has anyone else has this problem? I guess i am glad of their honesty but with the time difference between the UK and China, were lucky if we reply once daily, adding further delay! xxxx

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 4:26 am


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We share the same day! I have been VERY lucky with my dresses. I always have managed to buy off the rack and being a ++plus size that is saying something.

Posted on December 9, 2012 at 9:45 am

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