received my Dressilyme order, pics and review...

I'd ordered from Dressilyme mid February see thread for details.

After a delay while modifications were made to the wedding dresses the order was shipped on 6th March.  I was expecting it to take 10 business days to arrive via DHL, so was surprised when I received a call from DHL New Zealand just two days later to advise me it was in the country but there was GST to pay before they could release the shipment to me.  Due to the tax payment it sat at their warehouse over the weekend but first thing on Monday 12th May it arrived just 6 days after it left the factory, thanks DHL!

The order was in a sturdy box and sealed with tape so no gases or liquid could seep in.  I opened the box and there was no noticible odour.  Each of the 19 items I'd ordered was sealed in its own plastic bag with it's item number written on it, I located the packing slip and checked them off and was happy to see that everything had arrived with no damage during shipping.

I had to wait for the weekend to gather the girls and play dress ups, my mother and sister had each ordered dresses and had them customised, they were thrilled with the results and they fit perfectly, I was so excited about my dresses I forgot to snap pictures of theirs though.

First I tried on my reception dress, it's the prom dress PPD00C66 in #92 Silver Gray, custom sized 10-12, I was nervous about this one fitting my big curvy J-Lo butt okay but was pleasantly surprised to find it fit like a glove!  I forgot to snap a pic of the matching jacket WSJ00AHH which is a pity as it's so beautiful.  I had ordered a hoop WPC00AQ3 to wear under this but think I prefer it without:

I d ordered from photo 3320327-1

Next it was on to the dress I'd had a few issues with during the ordering process.  It's WWD00AAQ in ivory, custom sized 10-12.  In the first two photos I'm wearing crinoline WPC00APY with the top hoop removed:

I d ordered from photo 3320327-2I d ordered from photo 3320327-3I d ordered from photo 3320327-4I d ordered from photo 3320327-5I d ordered from photo 3320327-6

I'd saved the best for last though... WWD003D7 in ivory, custom sized 10-12 with extra beading on the bodice, crinoline WPC00BBK, jacket WSJ00AH2 and veil WVE00BDJ:

I d ordered from photo 3320327-7I d ordered from photo 3320327-8I d ordered from photo 3320327-9I d ordered from photo 3320327-10

This last dress felt so comfortable to wear, I really felt like a princess the moment I wriggled my way into it.  I'm still thinking about removing a hoop or two from the crinoline so it sits better at the front, it's sitting a little high at the moment but if I lose a couple more kgs before the day that may make a difference too.

I did buy a few more bits and pieces, the veils were nice, the one I've decided to go with they don't seem to stock any more.  I went a bit overboard buying 4 crinolines but I really wanted to make sure I found the right one for my dress and there are differences between them all as to how they sit.  I got a clutch purse for the reception and some shoes WSH00C9W which were sadly a full size smaller than they're labelled.

I was really impressed by the quality of the fabrics used, the satin is heavy and really nice,the taffeta doesn't look shiny or too thin, the lace on my sister's dress didn't look cheap like we'd been expecting it would, all of the dresses are well boned and the beading looks really nice.  Some of the finishing wasn't so great, threads not trimmed, pleats secured by only one loose thread (easily fixed though), the boning in the bodice isn't seated into the top seam so it can slip forward a bit if you're not careful.

I guess it was more stressful ordering from China than it would have been to buy from a salon (mostly because everybody seems to know somebody who ordered from China and never got their dress), but once I saw the pictures of the finished dresses I knew I'd done the right thing.

All up as value for money I'm thrilled.  The dresses are easily worth 2-3 times what I've paid for them and I'd happily order from Dressilyme again.

Posted on March 18, 2012 at 12:09 am


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They all look beautiful I love all of your gowns and I am so glad you love them too!! They did a great job!

Posted on March 18, 2012 at 4:19 am

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