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Hi all! I'm new to the boards. I apologize in advance for the rather long first post.

I've recently grown increasingly unhappy with my hasty decision to buy my dress. I bought it on a whim last fall when I was still thinking my wedding was going to be in 2012. Nevertheless, i'm kind of down to the wire (wedding's in August so I need to find something that will be alteration ready by June) and i'm on a very limited budget and remembered reading about dressilyme and found all these posts on PW!  I was wondering if you can provide the best tips on ordering from them.  I know there's several several posts about this and i've tried reading through them all but would like your recommendations based on the style of dress I want.

I saw a few posts that said using organza is not their forte. Is that because you have to specify what kind of organza? Also, does anyone have any experience with lace dresses from them? I saw a few finished products but am looking for some additional info..I'm in love with the Jim Hjelm 8800 dress (below) and saw that they actually have this style on their website. I'm just concerned with the type of material they would be using and what kind of instructions I need to provide. Lace can vary greatly in style and i want it to look very delicate and not heavy.  I also want to make the style more of a sheath rather than mermaid (since I read mermaid is also not their forte). What kind of material do you think would work best with this type of dress? I'm a fabric dummy and am not sure what I need to specifically ask them.  

Anyone have any advice/suggestions they can give me?  I've emailed them asking for pictures of the lace they use and for a finished product of that style and though they've been very quick to respond, they didn't really provide anything that I was looking for.  

Ooh!  Also, when measuring the length that the gown should be, did you have to specify how long the train should be or anything like that? Or was it just the length of the dress you want to fall to the floor with heels on (minus the train?)

Thanks in advance!!!

Jim Hjelm 8800

Posted on February 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm


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i am the starter of this group and will help you out :)


first thing is, that you need a lot pictures of the dress, the more the better. I`d made always a PDF for instructions, that included the fabric, details and the messurements. If you are unsure about the fabric, they have pattern. you only need to tell them what pattern you want. I dont know what lace is the best, i think you have to see them and feel them. if you have the possibility to try on the dress that you want, then do it, and if its only to make some pictures of it. (i did that). 


the messurements: yay, i did it with heels on, and give about 1 inch to it. Because you can make the exactly alterations here. you only need a good seamstress. thats what i did. 


i`d not order from dressilyme. its not because i dont like them, but they have not really enough experience with lace dresses i think. just take a look at under actual work - wedding dress, you will find some pretty lace dresses. also makes really good quality, i ordered the dress for my mother, mother in law and sister in law, there and they came out really good. 


about the train: you only have to say what style of train you want. i only wanted a small train and i got it. i dont know exactly but i think there is a notiation for each style of train.. maybe you google it :)


if you have any questions again, you can send me a pn. 

details photos:

Posted on February 16, 2011 at 3:00 am

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