Yoga Props Anyone?

Okay, we all know you need a mat for yoga, but what about trying out different kinds of props to enhance your practice?  And by "enhance", I don't mean "more difficult".  Props are a great way to help you work through a position that you find really challenging and/or customize a position so that it works for your level of flexibility, experience and physical needs.

Check out some of the most common yoga props!

Yoga Bolsters

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Yoga bolsters can be used for support (for your head, legs, spine, tailbone, etc.) and as a cushion.  Bolsters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours - you can even find bolsters with organic cotton fabric!

Examples of Different Uses

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Okay we all know photo 3270348-5 Okay we all know photo 3270348-6


Yoga Blocks & Wedges

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Like bolsters, yoga blocks are used for support and are available in different sizes and colours.  Usually, they're made out of wood, foam or tightly compressed foam.  Some are more firm (i.e. cedar blocks), while others are more pliable (e.g. chip foam block - top right).  They're great for assisting with modified positions!

Examples of Different Uses

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Okay we all know photo 3270348-15 Okay we all know photo 3270348-16


Yoga Straps

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Yoga straps are a great prop for assisting with flexibility and/or improving it.  It's also a great tool for helping achieve poses that are either challenging for you or are challenging by nature.  Yoga straps are also useful for helping maintain proper alignment for a wide variety of positions.

Examples of Different Uses

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Eye Pillows

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You're going to love these!  Eye pillows, which are usually filled with linseeds (which are lighter and softer than rice), are awesome for relieving eye tension.  They're perfect for Savasana ("Dead Corpse" pose) at the end of your yoga class.  Some of them are even lavender scented to help induce relaxation while you're resting.

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I've never been a big props person. Recently I had taken a class and I was the only one to show up, score! It was a one on one private session for the price of a group class! The instructor showed me how I can use blocks and straps to get a better practice. I was sold! I still dont have a strap of my own but I do use my blocks now!

Posted on January 30, 2012 at 8:44 am

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