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1st cycle on clomid....opinions please.

I took Clomid March 6th-10th just as the OBGYN td me to do.

I used OPKs until I got my smiley face on March 21st. We BDed 6 times this month just around the possible ovulation time and.... A few just for fun :)

Now I am 14 DPO and I had dull achy cramps in my pelvic region yesterday, took a test and it was a BFN. Today I have the same aches and when I went to the bathroom this morning there was brown discharge on the TP.....

My average cycle is 33 days so AF should come Saturday- I know she could just be showing up early but when unusually get brown blood I get reeeeeeeeally awful cramps- to the point where I know it's gotta be old blood cuz it just hurts too bad to be normal.

I did also breakout during the week after ovulation time.

A lite background.... I have PCOS but it's a very rare one which actually just produces very tiny and very few cysts. My OBGYN said it should not cause any infertility problems. DH might have a growth in his brain that lowers sperm count, if the blood results come back positive on Friday then he'll have to go get an MRI. If its there then he needs to start medication and it will reduce the growth and the sperm count will be high again.

So ladies.... Any similar results with clomid? Do you think this is just start of AF?
Posted on April 4, 2013 at 12:48 am


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