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Dear FI...

Dear darling FI,

I know you work late and dont get home untill 8pm everynight, and I work at 6 am everymorning but I feel like we NEVER see eachother anymore! Your always hanging out with your new best friend, MY DAD! Yes its great you have a good relationship, I loved it in the begining, then it was just a little wierd, but now you two are cutting into OUR time together! I cant remember the last time we have sat and had a general discussion about anything let alone had time for us to plan our wedding more. I wanted to include you but now im having second thoughts, maybe I will just plan it and you can show up would that be better for your "ohh so busy" life now? Also I cant remember the last time we have been on a date, and that doesnt include happening to go somewhere with my parents and my DAD again. Just us, alone. That never happens. Maybe im asking too much but once a few months would suffice and we havent been on a date since you missed our anniversary because of work last year! I dont want to tell you because you always fix it right after and I want it to be genuine, not because I asked and your trying to make me not be mad at you anymore. Ive mentioned it to you before as well that I want more time with just you and you agreed... I have yet to see it! Please surprise me and make me wrong when I say I might just go crazy and flip out on you one day soon! (very soon)

Ok thanks!

Your loving but seriously annoyed and neglected wifey to be.

Posted on November 18, 2011 at 2:35 am


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