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Dear Telus...


We contacted you almost 6 weeks ago to advise you that we are moving into our new house and need our services transferred, such great service, everything scheduled to be transferred over within 24hrs of moving in, perfect!

You contact us today, 2 DAYS before we move, to advise us that you can't instal until the end of August at the wait nearly 6 weeks to tell us??? Now all the companies we are dealing with will not be able to contact us on the number we have given them so I'm going to have to call them all.

We are now having to try and find a new service provider that can instal quickly, with our family all in the UK we only have contact via phone & internet.

Thanks for nothing (well, an unneeded headache, but nothing else!)
Your soon to be ex- customer

P.S. You suck!
Posted on July 17, 2012 at 6:58 am


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