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I'm new to the group and have to VENT

So SIL, who is also a BM, is making me crazy. I didn't sleep all night because of this.

This past Sunday it was determined I was going to host Christmas Eve. The attendees are me, FI, dad, step-mom. I was told BM, bro and nephew were going to BM's family's house for x-mas eve, but I still sent an invite to see if they wanted to come by at all. I get an EM from BM that they are going to mass at 4 and could stop by after and asked what time dinner was. I told her around 4pm. She asked if I could save food for when they get there. They are not going to her family's house because it is too late for nephew. I wrote back that I didn't know they were not going to her family's house and would push the dinner back so we could all eat together. So then a Facebook posting goes up from BM saying "Love the holiday family drama! Merry Christmas everyone." I sent BM a private message asking if it was our side of the family. No response, but I got an email saying how bro will call me. We spoke and I explained it was not an issue to postpone dinner because it is only dad and step-mom coming (who they don't really get along with but are getting better). So then they said they are going to go to mass get something to eat and do dessert here.

My question: What did I do???? I’m so mad and wonder if they should even come now. I was being nice and trying to accommodate them and I get attitude.

Posted on December 21, 2010 at 4:37 am


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Oh Maine bride...I feel your pain...sometimes I honestly think Facebook is evil.  Sounds to me as though you didn't do anything wrong and it's her issue.  I would let it be just that...HER issue...and not let it ruin your holiday :)

Merry Christmas from one New England bride to another <3

Posted on December 22, 2010 at 5:29 am

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