My family will be the death of my wedding!

So I feel like I could be wrong but I always thought the wedding day was what the bride and groom wanted.... APPARENTLY NOT!

I'm so fed up with my father and his family (long story short he got married and I got pushed out of the picture... except when it comes to things that I do well or big events in my life... we call him the "glory dad").  Anyway, he is inviting all his "friends" aka drinking buddies to MY wedding.  First, off I don't know half the people he even invited and I'm supposed to be okay with it?!  He is paying for a majority of the wedding so I feel like my hands are tied.  Another person from that family that irritates the crap out of me is my youngest sister.  She is 11 and such a spoiled brat!  When she doesn't get her way she whines and they give it to it.... stupid!  Well I saw them this weekend and she was saying how she found a dress for my wedding... I asked where and she named a local dress store... so fine whatever... I asked what color... she said black.  BLACK ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  MY COLORS ARE RED, BLACK AND WHITE!  SHE ISN'T IN THE BRIDAL PARTY SO NO SHE CANNOT WEAR BLACK!   I had to put up with her whining (as usual) because she wasn't allowed in the bridal party.  Now I have to put up with her trying to wear the same color because she is handing out programs... THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE IN THE BRIDAL PARTY! So now instead of only worrying about the things I need to worry about, I now have to worry about her.  GRR!  I am so beyond stressed between trying to work got to school (which I graduate in December) and plan a wedding.  I still have 5 months left to put up with this. I feel that I will eventually flip my lid to the point that I will end up taking out a loan and pay for my own wedding and just not invite anyone from my dads family.  I swear they don't listen to me and there is no reasoning with them.  I'M SICK OF IT! 

Posted on July 1, 2012 at 9:20 am

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Wow, I'm so sorry youre dealing with this!! It does suck because your hands are kind of tied with your dad because he is paying. If it is something that is really bothering you, then maybe have a smaller wedding and pay for it yourself, but what a tough decision! Also, for your younger sister, I'm sorry she is so spoiled! But unfortunately her wearing a black dress shouldn't be too big of a deal (I think the fact is that sucks she will "get her way" again, right?) HOpe things turn around for you!

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 9:11 am

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