This is a continuation from a post I did a few months ago regarding my inconsiderate cousin and husband


I'm so annoyed and fed up with their ungrateful attitudes that I've specifically asked my mom to stop talking to me about them because I don't need to get worked up over it, especially now.


My grandparents are up there in age. My grandfather will be 83 this March and my grandmother 86 in May. My grandmother no longer drives and my grandfather is getting to the point where he should probably stop too. Other than that, my grandmother's memory and my grandfather's hearing, they're healthy and should still have a few good years to go.

My grandfather usually complains to my mom and dad about how my grandmother no longer cooks. She doesn't seem to think it's that big of a deal but we're thinking she may have forgotten how to since her memory is THAT bad.  All they usually eat is fast food. So my mom, one of my aunts who lives about 30 or so minutes away (there are 3 girls in the family) myself, AND my dad (even though he and my mom have been separated for 5 years) all try to make dinner for my grandparents weekly, also giving them enough for left overs.


Here is my vent. My other aunt who will have been married to her new husband for a year, her almost 20 year old daughter, son-in-law as of March 2010, and 17 year old son all live with my grandparents and have been for about 16 years, all basically just use up space. My mom, who is the oldest of the 3 girls, has asked this aunt to cook for my grandparents once a week and today is her first day to do that. I'm not holding my breath for it lasting, but at least she's doing it now. My cousin on the other hand says she's "too busy" to cook. WTF. Too busy??? Are you freakin kidding me???? She's NOT in school, she BARELY works (goes in maybe twice a week) and all she and her husband do is go on xbox live to watch freakin movies. What the hell do you mean you're too freakin busy???? You seriously can't spend a few minutes once a week out of your pathetic little lives to make a home cooked meal for your elderly grandparents who let you live in their home along with your freakin husband??? I'm seriously pissed right now and want to smack them upside the head. I can't believe these people are apart of my family.

Posted on January 9, 2011 at 9:44 am


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omg, I would smack the living crap out of them too. They live with them and cant help at all. how ungrateful can you be? You have ever right to be mad at them.

Posted on January 29, 2011 at 10:40 pm

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