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Any Wifeys out there that seriously plan ahead?  Like know what you're having for dinner every day of the week, a week in advance?  I am a terrible planner when it comes to dinner, I never remember to take anything out and I'm always making something super quick that isnt exactly the best option.

Anyone have any tips on how to get organized like that?  I was wondering if maybe I started grocery shopping on Saturday's and got home and organzied meals if that would even help?

Any ideas/suggestions would be great! 


Posted on December 14, 2011 at 4:16 am


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I've taken to planning my meals on a weekly basis.  I go grocery shopping Friday or Saturday, and I plan on Wednesday or Thursday nights.  I go through the freezer and pantry to see what can be used for inspiration, or I have a recipe in mind and need to see what we already have for it.  We also always take lunches to work, so I plan what meals can be taken as leftovers - if a meal can't be taken the next day I plan lunch too.  We eat breakfast at work during the week, so I only meal plan breakfasts for the weekend.  That being said, weekday breakfasts are hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, granola & yogurt, etc so that requires a little planning but not as much if that makes sense.

Since switching to weekly meal plans life is so much easier!  I wish I did this for the first year we lived together, but at least I've learned before having kids (when life will be crazier).

I do better with this in the winter.  During the summer we bbq so much so that means prepping & bbqing (almost) every night, so it isn't as easy.  In the winter it's a piece of cake - I don't always cook on weeknights, because I'll cook big batches of food on the weekends, so on weeknights some food is already made and other nights I cook from scratch.  In the summer I always have stew and/or chili in the freezer in case we get a rainy day, whereas in the winter my chest freezer is always full of frozen homemade meals.

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I do! I shop once a week for the week ahead. I have never thought of myself as "seriously planning ahead" like you said, so that made my day. I feel so organized now! J/K

I did it to keep from going nuts. I usually do my shopping on Sundays. I wish I could go on Saturdays, but it never works out. I plan the weekly menu out the night before I shop (I meal plan for Sun through Thurs -- this wifey does not cook on Fri/Sat. LOL) I try to keep in mind any family activities for that week, since that can often change the menu.

Once I see what all is on the menu, I list the ingredients needed. If it's a recipe I don't use all that often, I will double check the recipe just in case. Then I survey the fridge/pantry to see what I already have. If I have an item, I simply cross it off the list. I also keep a shopping list on the fridge at all times. When we run out of something, I jot it down. I have even trained DH to do this now, and it is enormously helpful. So I usually start with that list, and add the week's menu items to it as needed.

Each night, when I go to prepare dinner, I also take the next night's dinner out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. So on Sunday morning, when I get home from the grocery store, I leave out whatever I'm making for Sunday dinner, as well as Monday's dinner. Everything else goes in the freezer. On Monday when I start cooking dinner, I take Tuesday's dinner out of the freezer. Hopefully that makes sense!

Sorry for writing such a novel! Just trying to think of everything I do to make life easier (and healthier). The planning portion sounds tedious, but it takes me maybe 30 minutes at the most. 30 minutes for a week of sanity and easy meals is a great deal! :-)

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I'm similar to msdl. I shop on a Sunday - sadly the highlight of my week because I go with my sister and we stop for breakfast and a gossip before we hit the supermarket.

Every week I ask my boys & FI for 1 request each and do those, then I try and do 1 thing that I really like and then try to do something new. Like msdl, I don't cook on weekends unless we have guests.

I always stock up on tinned tomatoes, sauce & paste when they are on offer because as long as I have those basics I know I can make a meal!

I try and roll-over meals too, so last night I did roast chicken and tonight we're having stew from the carcass & leftover meat.

It only takes 30 mins at most to plan, and it helps FI too because he goes out for a lot of business lunches so he knows when he can have steak or when he needs to have salad!!
Posted on December 14, 2011 at 5:32 am

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