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Want the expert opinion of one of Project Wedding's Hostesses? Or just want to chit chat with one? Here's the place to ask!
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A place where Brides getting married on the beach can get together and share ideas.
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Beach search 1 tamelya 12/23
Hi Ladies! 1 ashle1738 7/25
Non-professional pictures 2 roxie2711 7/13
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This group is for support, information, and tips for those struggling with under active thyroids. Our Mission is to help you feel like you are not alone.
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this is the group about shesprom, a well-known supplier of evening dresses and prom dresses.
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For all the ladies who have accessory addictions, whether it be shoes, scarves, jewelry, headbands, bags, or various other cute things!!
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jewelry gallore 2 futuremrssutton 11/20
Show Me: Gorgeous Earrings!! 4 ajfisher 9/17
Show Me: Hot Headbands! 2 ajfisher 9/7
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A place to share toughts, experiences, stories, fears, joys and questions about baby coming in 2013 and beyond. All mommas are welcome to ask and share advise!
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Are you still waiting for your ring, but you can't resist the allure of all things weddings? This is the Group for you! Come on in and dream, vent, practice your patience ;) with other "someday...
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Lab crated diamond 8 gympup10 10/25
No longer waiting..... 4 Mrs.Isma 12/27
Engaged!!! 5 juliekay2010 12/1
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Hi, I want to help New York brides in finding great but affordable hair and makeup stylist. They are team of two girls (sisters) who are very talented!! They really make your day stress free plu...
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Hi, If you are looking for affordable hair & makeup services for your wedding party contact Ivana at They are very nice team of two girls( sisters). Check their Inst...
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