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For all you Movie Lovers... Come join!! Let's chat old movies, new movies, all sorts of movies!! :)
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Hello all!! I looked all around but didn't see a group for us BAMA GIRLS :-) I'm Alisha and I'm from Birmingham, AL so I wanted to create a group for the beautiful ladies of Alabama the Beautiful!!!
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Hey! 3 Hailey421 6/6
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Are you getting married July 2012?
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Here we will be paired up with a fellow p-dubber and swap baked goods. ((:
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Come on ladies, it's a new year! 1 sillyokio 4/5
Food Allergies/ Dislikes 28 Shenanigans 12/8
****Tarynmcdonald **** 2 hisblueyedoll 10/18
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For everyone who got engaged or is getting married at a Disney park. Or if you just <3 Disney!!!
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Did you know? 1 Siouxzan 11/3
Disney Event Photography 3 Siouxzan 3/20
Cute Disney Wedding Items 2 starbux 3/9
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Prepare for baby by joining the due date club of 2010! Share your experience with other moms-to-be right here! Enjoy the journey.
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When in 2010? 15 Lorienne 7/22
What Symptoms have you had? 2 AMiller 11/2
Handy tool for our mommies-to-be! 2 Lorienne 9/25
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A Place For Shoe Lovers To Unite And Talk About....SHOES!
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Aldo Shoes! 1 JessMark28 10/27
Shoes - CLEARANCE Sale! 1 ChancesAre 8/15
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For all the brides who love to write - whether stories or research or poems, professionally or for fun, once in a while or all the time - this is a group for us!
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Discuss and learn about ways you can secure your financial future by saving and investing. What works best for you? What do you wish you knew more about? Let's help each other secure the best finan...
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Tax Returns! 7 indigo 2/22
Merging Finances? 6 jesandshan 8/19
Q1 Results & Q2 Goals 2 LuckysBride 3/31
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This is a group for all the brides that are not afraid to break out of the mold and choose to NOT follow the trends. A place where all are welcome to share their unique and creative ideas. xoxoxo...
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