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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010--Cardbox


Easy steps on how to make a cardbox for your wedding.

I started at walmart and got 2 different kinds of fabrics. I found a beautiful damask brown and got 5 yards for $21.40, a soft sheer white 2 yards $6.21 and the silver bling ribbon 2 yards for about $4 or $5.  (Hint: I only used 1.5 to 2 yards of the brown-so I've still got about 3 yards left over to find another diy project to do with it.  I did however have to use almost all of the 2 yards of white b/c the fabric was almost see-through I had to double it for the entire box)

I didnt have to purchase any boxes, just used some old ones I had around the house.  For the larger box I used a bud-light beer case, the middle box I used a hatbox, and the small box I went down to the basement and taped together 2 100ct christmas light boxes.

I started out with the largest bud light box. I laid the fabric over the box and used clear fabric glue to secure it allowing extra fabric to hang over end (just like wrapping a package for christmas). Once dry (about 1-2minutes) I pulled the fabric tight and proceeded to glue down each of the longer sides wrapping and glueing a small amount of fabric under the box as well. (Hint: I didnt waste fabric by wrapping the underside of the box--no ones going to see it anyway.)

I then pulled the fabric on the sides straight down and glued them to the box leaving long flaps on each corner.  Then crossed the fabric onto each other (again just like wrapping the sides of a package). I ironed each piece down making it easier to lay flat then glued them to the box and to each other. 

For the middle box: I cut used an envelope I had laying around the house to measure a hole just large enough for the card to fit inside.  I measured a 2" opening all around the location that I chose for cards to be inserted then drew a line and used a box cutter to cut the hole. (Hint: this makes that opening very flimsy so be careful. once you get the fabric on there it's much more sturdy.)  I then used the same steps for the box above and covered boxes 2 and 3.

Next I used the same fabric glue to add on a little "bling" to each box.  I also made a 6 loop bow for the top using some ribbon I had laying around the house. and used a piece of wire to hold it together.  I also used the same ribbon for the mouth of the middle box using fabric glue to attach each. (Hint: make sure you use ribbon w/ wire on each end that way if the loops gets smooshed during transport you can just fluff them back out.

...and after all that work and $31 ($16 if you dont waste your money on extra fabric like me) this is my final result:

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:00 am
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