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Budget Savy Bride: Mrs Bauder's Story


I made my own centerpieces to help save money on my wedding. I purchased silk gerbera daisies from Michaels at 40% off and then used a 20% off my total purchase. So my flowers that were originally $2.99 were on sale for $1.79. I bought 100 of them and used my 20% off coupon for a total of $143.20. (It is important to note that most of these flowers were used for the bouqets. Only 45 flowers were used for centerpieces.). I also purchased 6 bags of seaglass that was on clearance for $4.99 using that same coupon. I found the vases at the dollar store and did ship to store so that I got free shipping. The vases were 9 1/2 tall cylinder vases. So the total cost for all 15 centerpieces was: 45 flowers at $64.44 (1.79 x 45 -20%) + seaglass at $23.95 (4.99 x 6 - 20%) + vases at $15 for a total of: $103.39!! Not bad for 15 tables. I used the BM's bouquets for centerpieces at the head table and a few extra tables we ended up needed so no added costs there!(The wooden spirals were in my mom's box of Christmas stuff she had for the tree so they were free! they were purchased at target though when Christmas stuff went 90% off.)


Here they are:

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:28 am
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