AJ's DIY Crafty Eddy Caketopper Instructions


I get a lot of questions on how I did my caketopper, so I wanted to write an article for you all!

Caketopper Vendor: Crafty Eddy. He doesn't have a website. You have to contact him at craftyeddy@gmail.com, and he will quickly respond and you can decide what font and size you would like for your caketopper. He does monogram recreations, too. My caketopper was a 6 inch Brock Script F. My caketopper was $14.00 and I received it in just a few days.

The Supplies:

  • For my caketopper, I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Black Primer and Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Black Satin Paint. DO NOT USE KRYLON METALLIC PAINT. IT MELTS WITH THE HOTFIX TOOL AND E6000 GLUE DOES NOT STICK TO IT.

  • I ordered my hotfix crystals from island*girl on ebay. I ordered 1440 10ss hotfix crystals for $10.69, which included free shipping. You need to order AT LEAST 1440 crystals. 1440 should be enough, but you don't want to run out. There's a chance that you might need more than 1440. 

  • I bought my jolee hotfix tool from Michaels with a 40% off coupon. 

  • You should also have a wooden stick (toothpicks work) and tweezers on hand. 

  • Make sure you have a roll of wax paper and some newspaper

STEP 1 - PAINTING - Instructions: OUTSIDE!!!!!!

  1. PRIMING: Place your letter BACKSIDE UP onto a clean sheet of wax paper. Prime the back but do not hold the can too close! You want a thin coat! Make sure you're getting the sides of the letter, too, both on the outside and inside. Wait 30 minutes. Get a new sheet of wax paper, place the FRONTSIDE UP and prime. Make sure that everything is coated with a thin coat. Wait 30 Minutes.

  2. PAINTING: Get a new sheet of wax paper, place the BACKSIDE UP and paint. Again, don't hold the can too close! We don't want any dripping or the paint to be too thick. Make sure you get the sides of the letter, both inside and outside, with a thin coat, as well. Wait 30 minutes. Get a new sheet of wax paper, place the FRONTSIDE UP and paint. Make sure everything is coated with a thin coat.

STEP 2 - WAIT FOR PAINT TO DRY: Wait for at least 30 minutes outside, and then carefully bring your letter inside. Transfer it to a new sheet of wax paper FRONTSIDE UP and let dry for AT LEAST 24 HOURS!! The thicker your paint, the more time you need to wait.


  • Spread newspaper over your work space. 

  • Sprinkle your crystals onto the opposite side of your working hand of the workspace. Make sure that you spend time and make sure that the crystals are all FACE UP (glue side down), because your hotfix tool needs to pick them up that way.

  • Get your letter and place it on your work space.

  • Choose the correct head for your hotfix tool - it'll say on it, so if you used the 10ss crystals, you need the 10ss head (or 3mm). Plug it in, and wait 10 minutes for it to get hot.

  • If you have never used a hotfix tool before, watch this video.

  • Start at one of the corners, and do ONE SIDE of the outline of a particular section, then go back through and fill it in. [my first picture doesn't show that - the 2nd does...the top of my caketopper has horrible spacing problems (as discussed at the end of this paragraph) but the rest of it looks great.] Make sure you do it section by section. Know that there will be places that you'll be able to see paint, but it's very small and really, only you will notice. I tried to add crystals to those spots and the crystals went off the edge. It looks worse if you try to fix it than if you just leave it empty.

  • After about 4 hours, you'll have a completed caketopper!! Put it in a safe place until your wedding. If it falls, you'll ruin your caketopper.


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