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DIY Fancy Cupcake Holders!


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Hi gals,

I absolutely LOVE these cupcake holders, but at almost $1 each, it starts to add up ($1 x 100 holders = $100!):


I've also seen them done on cricut machines but I don't have a cricut =(

More affordable alternative?  Make your own using doilies!  Here are mine in gold (which I actually like better)!:

Cost?  Approx $0.21 each! 

I bought a 6-pack of 10-inch diameter FOIL DOILIES from Michaels ($2.49 per 6-pack), and cut 2 cupcake holders from each doily by cutting out the middle section (you could probably cut 3 for mini cupcakes and using a smaller diameter doily), used adhesive tape to create/seal the shape and VOILA! 

12 cupcake holders from each pack = approx $0.21 cents each = approx $21 for 100 holders!  MUCH more affordable!  You can do these for a bridal shower or etc. if you're not doing cupcakes for your wedding!


Those are gorgeous! Job well done! You should make this an article!


Dont'cha just LOVE these!!!!!!!!


OMG!!! I think yours ARE SOO MUCH BETTER!!!  So creative!! I think I will definitely try this if we go with cupcakes!!!  Thanks!!

EDIT: I second the article!


AWESOME & creative!!!!!  This is an excellent idea!


I've seen these done before and it is such a great idea!!!


How funny - I was JUST reading an article about this before bed last night. Your's turned out great!


Those are fantastic!!


Wow!!! Yours are gorgeous!!!


Great idea! thanks for posting!


They look great!!


I just saw a DIY for these on Style Me Pretty.  Great Job!


great job!!


Great job...article please?


omg!  great idea!  thanks for sharing!




They look awesome! Great job!!!


those look great!!! I'm totally inspired to do this!


SUPER creative! great job! i love them!


oh these are awesome!! good job!


Good job- they are so cute!!


What a great job! I love them!


Just to let you ladies know, I just bought a couple sets of the cupcake wraps in the top right hand corner.  I got them at Hobby Lobby.  They cost me $4.99 for 12.  That means I got them for $0.41!  Just thought I'd share the deal!  :-)


@Dee87 - thanks for sharing - that's an awesome deal too!


SO COOL - thanks for posting!


Such a great idea!!


those are so cute!


Great Job!  Yours look even better!

Awesome job!!! They look great!!

Ooh, nice job Katie!!! I was thinking of making them out of doilies too!  I didn't know there were foil ones though.  That is cool.  Do they have silver too?


@jjpeng - YES - they have silver foil ones too! =)


Great idea!




great idea :)


that is amazing...saving this one!


OMG soo creative!!


Oh damn, look atchu!  Awesome, I love it!! Turned out awesome


great DIY!!! =)


DEFINITELY make this an article!  Yours are even better than the model pictures!!!


so pretty!


Super cute..


OMG! How creative are you?! Those are great! :)


so super cute!


wow thay look great!!!!


love them, so adorable!


very cute.


great job and they look better than the expensive ones! U should def make this into a article!


Wow...sooo pretty!!! Great job.


they turned out phenominal!! Thanks for posting this, because we are doing cupcakes!!! Great idea! =)


I love it! I'm gonna save this one!!


love your glod ones!!!!! way better than the others..... totally stealing this idea if I go with cupcakes!! I might even do something like this for any occasion...bdays, the holidays...with easter coming up think of all the pretty colors you can do!!!!!!


@pixie - i agree!  think of all the different colored/designs of doilies that are out there =)  the possibilities are endless!


Those are sooooooooooooooo cute!!! Great job!


Very awesome!! You did such a great job!! 


Wow, great job!!!


That was very creative and they turned out great!!  Thanks for posting it!


Ok that is way too cute! I love those, so creative!


thanks for the help katie!  I just tried it out and it works great! I think you can actually get about 2.5 of them out of each 10 inch doilie.  if you glue the halves together you can make one more out of every two.  :)  or i think i might try the 12 inch ones, since those should be able to make 3.  are you using just scotch tape or double sided tape? i just used a little bit of glue, or i think the glue dots might work well too.

(yes, that is a leftover cupcake from my shower.  lol)


wow those are awesome!


WOWOWOW!!  Yours look AWESOME!!


Freakin awesome, I love this idea- saving it for my next dinner party ;)


@jjpeng - LOL!!!  the silver ones look great too! =D i used the roller adhesive tape but glue dots work too!


These are amazing!  I have been wondering how to DIY these!


That is so innovative! Thanks for sharing!


Love them!  Do they have bottoms? Thanks for posting!


@cdorego - nope!  they're just wrappers, so you can't bake in them, just slip them on for decorative purposes!


ooh! I totally missed this post (it was on my bday and the day we closed on our house), but this is fantastic!! saving!


I love these - just been thinking about how to wrap my cupcakes.  Thanks for sharing.

Super cute!

Wow, love them all, but your DIYs are awesome!!


Those are awespme!!


Those are amazing!!!! Great idea!!! Thanks!!


Really cute!


Good job!  Appears time consuming!


I absolutely love these! I want to do them for my friend's birthday cupcakes this weekend. 


So pretty.  awesome job!


Love this :) Tnx for posting!


Fantastic!!  I love how you did that!  The holder looks so elegant!  :)


write a DIY article...these are great!

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