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Inspiration: its.nicsknack's photo frame card box       My Finished Cardbox (Without Photos):

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Yeah, I know I'm not officially engaged yet. However, not having classes this semester makes for a LOT of free time. I went to Walmart this afternoon to go grocery shopping, and I picked up the materials to start my DIY Cardbox. 

PART 1 - Construction of the Box - COMPLETE

Materials Needed to Construct the Frame of the Box

Solid Wood Frames (I got mine for $4 each at Walmart - they were 8x11 - I wouldn't go smaller than that)

8 Utility Door Hinges (I used Bulldog Hardware 1" D-90 Utility Hinges from Walmart in the tool aisle - 2 pk for 99 cents) 

Screwdriver (regular is fine, but power is much better)

Hammer & Nail (or drill bit)


STEP 1 - Take the back and the glass out of the frames so that you only are working with the frames. Draw two circles using the holes of the hinge. The hinge should be on the VERY outer edge of the frame, but should not fall off of the frame. The edge of the hinge should like up with the inside part of the frame (see Step 4 for what I mean by this).

STEP 2 - Using a drill bit or a hammer and nail (then a screwdriver), drill holes for the screws so it's easier to put together. You should do this for three frames. You'll want to wait to do it for the 4th frame so that you can make sure it will all fit together.

STEP 3 - Attach the hinge to frame 1.

It should look like this:

STEP 4 - Attach Frame 1 and 2. Remember that if you drilled the holes already, it will be MUCH easier to put together.

It should look like this when attached:


STEP 5 - Attach Frame 2 to Frame 3.

STEP 6: Set Frame 4 on the ground, and then set the three frames together on top of it so you can mark the holes in the brackets onto Frame 4. Then drill your holes onto Frame 4. Attach Frame 4 to Frame 1 and Frame 3.

STEP 7 - Put the glass, (pictures can go in now too if you have them ready), and glass back in the frames.

STEP 8 - Here is the finished frame (prior to decoration and putting the top and bottom on): 


It took me FOREVER to paint the frames, and it was because of the materials I used. I picked up these two bottles of spray paint from Walmart:

DO NOT use the Clear Glaze on top of the Flat Black. It stripped some of the color, and I had to repaint the entire thing!! Here is the finished paint job:


Materials for Base

1 Sheet of Plywood (9.5 in x 9.5 in) (I used two because it was too thin for the screws)

Lazy Susan (got mine at Home Depot in the cabinet accessory aisle - 6.99)

Screwdriver & Screws


4 utility hinges (I used 2" from Walmart - $1.97 for 2)

Instructions for Base

Step 1 - Spraypaint the plywood if you wish.

Step 2 - Screw one side of the lazy susan onto the middle of the plywood. Set it aside.

Step 3 - Screw the hinges onto the bottom inside of each photo frame. 

Step 4 - Set the photo frame on top of the plywood with the lazy susan underneath. Screw the hinges onto the plywood. All done! [NOTE: Since my plywood was so thin (even double sheeted), the screws went through the bottom. It's annoying, but as long as it doesn't interfere with the lazy susan, it's ok.]

Materials for Top

1 inch foam board cut to 9.5 in x 9.5 in

cardboard cut to 9.5 in x 9.5 in



staple gun

glue (optional)

Instructions for Top

Step 1 - Cut a 1 in x 7 in slot for the cards diagonally in both the foam board and the cardboard.

Step 2 - Attach the cardboard to the foam board using either the staple gun or glue.

Step 3 - Put the fabric pattern down and the foam board/cardboard piece on top of the fabric cardboard side up.

Step 4 - Slice the fabric where the card hole is, and start upholstering from there, and work your way around the edges with your staple gun. Pull tight!

Step 5 - Once you've finished upholstering, just place the top foam side up into your photo frame. You're done (at least, until you put your pictures in!)


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