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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: ajfisher's "Will you be my bridesmaid" cards


For those of you who asked me to post the instructions to the DIY "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Cards, here they are.




  • 8x11 sheet of printer paper for stencil

  • Flesh-tone cardstock (you'll need 4in x 5.5in for each card you make + enough for 2 nickel-sized heads for each card you make)

  • White cardstock (enough for one wedding dress (at least 4in x 2.75) + accessory for each card you make)

  • Colored cardstock for bridesmaid dress (enough for one dress for each card you make - at least 4in x 2.75in each)

  • Brown/Black/Red/Blonde cardstock for hair (you don't need much of this)

  • Black ballpoint pen

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Nickel coin

  • Glue


Creating the Stencil

Start with one 8 x 11 sheet of printer paper.

Fold in half lengthwise.

Cut on that fold so you get this:

Fold this in half so that it looks like this and again cut on the fold:

Fold in half the same way you just did with the remaining piece to get this:

Now you're ready to draw your stencil on one half of the paper. Use a nickel for the head. Using a pencil, trace the nickle, making sure that the top of the nickel touches the top of the paper. Draw shoulders and arms, body, legs, and feet. You should make sure that the body is symmetrical for it to look right. Here's what it should look like when you're finished drawing it:

Keeping your paper folded, cut out your stencil. It should look like this when finished:



Cutting Out the Pieces

The Flesh Tone Cardstock - Bodies of the Girls: This is pretty straightforward. You'll want to cut out enough of the pairs as you're making cards. Just trace your white printer paper stencil onto the flesh tone cardstock and cut out. You also should trace and cut out two nickels for each pair to glue on as heads later.

Dresses: You'll want to design a dress to fit on the body of your stencil. Obviously use white for a wedding dress and colored for your bridesmaids. Here's my cutouts (after I made the stencil and cut them out): 

Accessories and Hair: This is the hardest part. Again, you'll need to make a stencil and then cut it out on your cardstock. I didn't take pictures of this part. The best idea is to draw it how you want it (whether it be a flower for the hair, necklaces, veils, shoes, etc), and then REVERSE it when you trace so that the pencil marks won't be visible. This goes for all of the tracing onto the cardstock. The hair is just really trial and error. I tried to cut out the correct haircut for each girl.


First, glue the bride's dress onto the right side of the stencil and the bridesmaids dress onto the left side of the stencil like this:

Then, glue one of the nickel sized flesh tone pieces on each doll so there is a distinct chin. It will make it look much better if you do it than if you don't do it:

Then add your hair, face (just three small dots), and accessories. I finished mine with a small swarovski crystal for a necklace for the BM and ring for the bride.



Assembling the Cards


  • Cards

  • 5x7 envelopes

  • metallic pen

  • black cardstock

  • rotary cutter/mat or scissors

  • bone folder tool

I used powerpoint to create a card, and then I took it to Kinkos to print to make sure it fit in a 5x7 envelope. Here's the screenshot of the card in powerpoint, and then the printed version:

Here were my supplies laid out:

For each card, I cut out a 1.5in x 11in inch black strip. I used this to tie the card and the dolls together. Using the bone folder, I centered the strip and folded it around the card, attaching each end of the strip to the other end with a drop of glue. I wrote each girl's name on the strip using a silver metallic sharpie. Here's this part finished:

Then I wrote each girl's name/address on a 5x7 black envelope and my return address on the back flap:


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:02 am
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