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Bridesmaid Dress as a Wedding Dress-I did it :)


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Hi Ladies! I often read posts about brides who are struggling with the high cost of wedding dresses and I thought I'd share what I did.  I wish I had thought of this option before I used my whole budget on a botched custom dress, which I originally did to try to save money.  I was left with hardly any money for a dress when I spotted this bm dress while shopping for bridesmaid dresses for a friend and I was ECSTATIC!

So, If you are going over budget with your dress or just don't want to spend a fortune, don't rule out getting a bridesmaid dress! There are many bridesmaids dresses that come in ivory or white.  I did add bling trim to it that I found at a craft store and a little extra poof at the bottom to make it exactly how I wanted it.  Here is the result: 

p.s. I would love to see other brides who did this!

Model: Me (after adding trim and a little poof):

okydokie I love the photo 2660340-1 okydokie I love the photo 2660340-2

Hi Ladies I often photo 2660178-1

Hi Ladies I often photo 2660178-2


Hi Ladies I often photo 2660178-3 Hi Ladies I often photo 2660178-4


Hi Ladies I often photo 2660178-5

your dress is so beautiful.

what a great idea! YOu look absoulutly stunning in your dress and i never would have quessed it was a BM dress!


you can make this as an article.

Great money saving advise...and your dress is a BEAUTIFUL example! :)

Beautiful photos!  Thanks for sharing your clever idea.  I might go out looking.

Beautiful, I reaaly need to use weight lol

Your dress is amazing! And your photos are gorgeous!!

NO WONDER I've never seen your stunning dress before!!! That's friggin awesome and your dress was sooooo gorgeous! 

thank you, ladies!

persephone, let us know how it goes!

jan, you are you don't!

Great post! Article this I love the idea!

could you post the before/model photo of your dress to the now

Sara, your dress was incredible!!  I remember when I first saw it, it was one of my inspirations when looking for a dress.  I would never in a million years have thought it was actually a BM dress!  Thanks for sharing this post to inspire other girls :)

p.s. Can you share who the dress designer was so that girls know where to look? :)

okydokie, I love the dress you chose!  My dress is Impression Bridal style #1596.

blackorchid, here is the model/before and me/after:

okydokie I love the photo 2660340-1 okydokie I love the photo 2660340-2


that is such a GREAT idea!!!!  I haven't been dress shopping yet... I might just do that!

GREAT idea and a GORGEOUS dress aaaaaaand your bum looks super cute in it!!  Bonus!

Beautiful! You would never guess it wasn't bridal either!

Thanks, Sara!  Wow, the before and after is amazing...the addition of the trim makes such a difference!  I really think it looks like your Kenneth Pool inspiration!

WOO, great idea!! And i have to say your dress is so gorgeous!!

The consultant that sold us my mothers dress, urged me to do that for a second dress! Ur dress is fab u could have easily transformed it into an ines di santo look alike!

Thank you so much, everyone!!

Santosha, thanks for the bum comment :)

Hey - nooooooo probs!  ;)


I was definitely going to do this at first. Thats such a pretty dress!

Thats a BM dress?! No way!! I never would have thought.. It is absolutely stunning what an awesome idea.

This is brilliant!

Your dress is gorgeous! That is such a great idea! You cant even tell that it's a bridesmaid dress!


you girls are so sweet :)  i was surprised how many bm dresses come in ivory!

You did an fabulous job! I love the dress! COngrats!

I had NO idea that new one was a BM dress! ! !  Seriously?  It's stunning!

I still cannot believe that your dress was originially a BM dress, sara! You pulled it off AMAZINGLY! And what a great way to save money.

Holy cow! Like MB said, I never would have known if you hadn't told us!

I know some companies charge more for white BM dresses but a lot of that is due to the extra lining they require so that they aren't see-through. :) And even if they do charge a little extra it's still probably cheaper than a wedding dress!

Never in a million years woulda guessed!! You look absolutely stunning; my hero! :)

You look amazing, and I totally agree!!  So many BM dresses come in white or ivory and they are much cheaper!! :)

absolutely beautiful, love the dress!!! 

Like I said before, gorgeous dress - perky bum!  LOL

wow that's gorgeous!! smart lady

omg that is so creative!! that is definitely a great tip : ] jcrew has some amazing bm dresses that can be gowns as well!

btw i'm looking for grey suits for the men...where were your's from??

You're dress is so pretty and one-of-a-kind.  Now I know why!

My stepmom did this for their DW in Hawaii.  I don't have any pictures, but BM dresses work beautifully!

thanks so much, ladies!! :)

kbucknum, the suits are just rentals from the Men's Wearhouse.  They are the Calvin Klein gray tuxes.  The groomsmen only had to spend $25 because they didn't wear jackets and my DH got them flipflops!  The jacket was an extra $90 for my DH to rent.  They are really good quality material and I thought he looked super hot in it...I wish he owned it!!!

Where were u 3 months ago? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!


Your dress is beautiful.

I am wearing a teal bridesmaid dress as my wedding dress.

Wow!! That is a great idea and a stunning dress.  You look beautiful!

That dress is very pretty!!!!

Love it!!

WOW!! What a great idea! You looked stunning in your dress :)

oh yayayaya u look gorgeoussss

thanks, ladies :)

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