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Cuteboy2me: DIY Pew Decoration


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First collect your supplies

  • styrofoam ball

  • scrapbooking paper/high quality paper

  • corage pins

  • Martha Stewart Hydrangea Shape Punch

  • Ribbon

  • Tape/Glue Gun

First collect your supplies photo 3152413-1

Punch papers with the hydrangea hole punch.  Failed to take a pic at this point -sorry

First collect your supplies photo 3152413-2

Stick corsage through the middle of two flower petal punched pieces.  Overlap the flowers to cover more of the styrofoam ball.


First collect your supplies photo 3152413-3

This is the finished product.

The instructions said to bend up the flower petals some.  I did so in the beginning, but felt it wasn't necessary as the project progressed.  When you push the corsage pins in to the styrofoam ball, the petals will automatically rise some on their own.

Here is the source of my inspiration.





Omgosh, those are FANTASTIC! I love everything about them! The color, the finished flowers, the pearl pins. Great job!

Flippin' awesome!!!

Great job!

Amazing!! I might just use that :D Thanks!! You did a great job

Those look amazing!  Nice of you to share with everyone!

Those look great! I'm doing something similar and a little tip someone told me was to cut the styrofoam ball in half. That way they sit easier against the pew and save half of your materials!

ooo it came out great! every1 on here is so crafty

Love silver :o] It looks amazing!!! You did a wonderful job  on it :o]

Awesome job.....They look great...

Love it! Great, simple, DIY instructions as well! This should TOTALLY be an article!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:28 am
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