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Addressing Invitations without Pencil Lines


First of all, a note: This method will only work for white or light-colored envelopes before liners are attached to them. You'll see why. =)

I've addressed wedding invitations for 4 weddings now, and all those times, I've had to draw in faint pencil lines on each invitation first, address them, and erase the pencil lines later. Why? The envelope was too thick to see through, or there were liners in them. Also, with the partial liners that only go partway down the envelope, it always threw me off when I was writing on them, having to accommodate for the slight change in the level of the paper.

Enter my pure white square flap A6 (?) envelopes.

I realized that with white envelopes, I could barely see the lines if I drew them onto an index card with an extra-fine tipped Sharpie, and then I wouldn't have to make the faint pencil lines on each invitation!

So I did a dry-run and made pencil lines on one of the envelopes and placed them where I thought they should be. Then I filled in the lines with our own names and address to make sure I liked how it looked and where it was positioned. When I decided I liked it, I aligned my large index card with the bottom right corner of the envelope, and then drew in the lines with my Sharpie.

Here, the card isn't aligned with the bottom right corner, but is just showing you how the Sharpie lines on the index card align with the pencil marks I made on the first test envelope.

When I put this card into the envelope and slide it into the lower right (if you're looking at the blank side) corner, I can see the straight lines I've drawn and use them to keep my writing level! AND it is doubly cool because with the index card in, the surface is smooth, as opposed to having the flap cause the slight jump in surface! (Do you know what I'm talking about?)

Can you see the faint lines here?

Now, I can put this template into each envelope, write in the address without pencil lines to keep my handwriting level, and that's it! No erasing lines, risking smearing the address! Here's an addressed envelope that I did with the index card template -- no pencil lines to erase, and perfectly straight!

*I got this DIY Calligraphy idea (scripted name, printed address) right here on PW!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:37 pm
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