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Beautiful Wedding for Less than $1000



See the thread here:

I have honestly been waiting since day 1 to write this all out for you ladies.

People attending: 35

Venue: FREE!!! His parents house. Ceremony and reception in the same venue- saves on transportation and guests love it! My MIL and FIL have such a nice beautiful backyard that definitely fit a wedding and we were more than just a little stoked to be able to have ours there. I couldnt have found a better place to do it and you seriously cannot beat free. We jazzed it up with really simple touches, some ribbon here, candles there.

Dress and accessories: i wasnt going to splurge on my dress. I actually found a super cute white lace short dress for $20 that I bought and was going to use that, but my MIL said that she would pay for my dress. I wound up getting a dress at Davids Bridal for $500. I bought a necklace for $50 and hairpiece for $60 on etsy. My Shoes were  $10 at Payless.  Total- $120.

Groom: All we had to rent was the shirt, shoes, and pants. I bought the tie for $5 on and I already had the suspenders. I was so happy with the look. Total: $65

Flowers: I bought 160 California Grown medium sunflowers from and it only cost me $229. Best of all- shipping was free!!! I love the simplicity of the summery flowers and I just wanted them to be put in mason jars. I saved so much money by not going to a florist.  I bought pink/yellow carnations at the local grocery store the day before the wedding for $5 for just my bouquet and I already had the leftover ribbon from decoration the tree in the yard. I got half gallon mason Jars in bulk- 24 for $20. total- $254.

Rentals: My matron of honor had bought linens for her wedding so I just got the same size tables and used her linens. I kept it simple for what I wanted to rent, and it kept costs down. I bought paper napkins because I could get whatever color I wanted and people could use as many as they wanted. I rented 60 chairs (a set for reception and ceremony areas), 7 tables, 40 place settings. Including delivery and fees total of: $385.

Favors: This was hands down the easiest thing on my list, I bought paper pouches and filled them with sunflower seeds. I printed our monogram and glued them to the pouches- it took me 20 minutes and it went so well with the tablescape. total: $20.

All Paper Products: This was another DIY project, I bought 2 packs of cardstock at a craft store for $10 each. I used a template on this site from a previous bride and made 20 invitations, STDs and thank you cards right from my computer. I already had the glue, scissors and decorative edge puncher. The paper also was enough for reserved seating signs, place cards, food cards and our monograms for the favors. total: $20.

Officiant- One of the best thing I can suggest for saving money and stress is to elope!!! We got married a little over a year and a half before our actually wedding. It saved us a lot of money and we got to have whoever we wanted do the ceremony, instead of some random guy we would have had to hire. My brother did the whole thing and he read the script off of his iphone haha. It was hilarious.

Hair and makeup: I youtubed for months to figure out how i wanted my hair and makeup and i had a friend who is a makeup artist/hairstylist show me how to do it on me and match me for makeup. She let me borrow anything that I didnt already have.

Photography: FREE! Ask everyone you know! My photog was my MILs friends sisters nephew (thats a mouthful)- but he came and wanted to do it for free! I'm still waiting for my CD but I previewed them already!

Cake: I love baking and so I knew I wanted to make my own cupcakes. I have a couple of really awesome recipes so I made carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting and chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream. I did buy a 6" cake from an AMAZING bakery that would have been significantly out of my price range. The cake I bought from them is something that they make several of everyday to have on hand so I didnt need to special order it, it was only $25! I made my cake topper out of clay and 2 cute birds and it cost me $5. Supplies for my cupcakes were $15 and I bought cupcake wrappers for $20. My MIL and her friend had all of the cake stands. total for the whole cake table: $65.

Food: To go with the summery outdoor theme we wanted to do bbq. My MIL, the wonderful woman she is, also told me she would pay for catering. An outstanding local place came, set up, served and left us, with plenty of leftovers and it was amazing. and FREE! We did however buy some groceries for potato salad, pasta salad and lots of drinks. total: $80.

How much I paid- Approx. $989

Total including dress/catering- Just under $2000

The moral of the story: Dont be afraid to ask who would like to contribute to your big day, whether it be paying for something, helping out or just lending services, your friends and family are one of your biggest life lines for a low budget wedding. DIY is also your best friend and do NOT let it intimidate you. Project wedding is the greatest place in the world for a DIY wedding and the girls here are so helpful- dont be afraid to ask them anything! I got so much help and inspiration from these ladies and I cant express my gratitute enough. And finally, and most importantly, decide whats more important, the things at your wedding, or marrying the love of your life, because in the end thats what really matters. In 10 years you're not going to be thinking about how you still wished your cake was 5 tiers. Figure out what is important to you as a couple and leave out the rest. I hope I've helped inspire some of you myself! Thanks so much for reading!

Last Updated: September 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm
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