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DIY Pearl Ribbon Necklaces


While recently browsing through bridesmaid dresses, I noticed a very cute necklace for sale at

(Inspiration photo from

I have six bridesmaids, and am on a budget. As the necklace cost $35 ea, I decided that I would DIY the necklace, and give it to my bridesmaids as gifts, for a lot less.

Here is what I did:



  • (17) 14mm glass pearls (I purchased mine from

  • (5) 8mm or 10mm rhinestone bead spacers (I purchased 10mm from Your Perfect Gifts on - 8mm that I liked were difficult to find)

  • 26 guage beading wire

  • (2) 10mm jump rings

  • (2) Crimp beads

  • (2) 1.5 ft strips of 5/8" - 1" ribbon, depending on preference (I am thinking of going slightly longer for future necklaces)

  • Thread to match the ribbon

  • Tools

  • Scissors

  • Crimping Pliers or Needle nose pliers (I used the latter, and they worked fine)

  • A needle

  • Lighter

  • You can pretty much get all of the supplies from a craft store like JoAnn's or Michael's, however, I had trouble finding the right beads, so I opted to purchase those online instead.

    My total cost was about $11 per necklace, with the rhinestone bead spacers being the most expensive item (I got 30 for $31.30 incl. shipping and tax).


    1. Cut a piece of beading wire, about 6 inches longer than you need it to be (mine were around a 18")

    2. Place one of the crimp beads on the wire, then thread the wire through one of the jump rings and back through the crimp bead. It should look like this:


    3. Get the crimp bead as close to the jump hoop as possible, and smush the crimp bead closed using the pliers. There's a great tutorial on using crimp beads here for further instruction.

    4. Begin stringing your beads. My pattern was 1 pearl, rhinestone bead, 4 pearls, rhinestone bead, 3 pearls, rhinestone bead, 4 pearls, rhinestone bead, 3 pearls, rhinestone bead, 2 pearls.

    5. Close off the end using the other crimp bead and jump ring.

    6. Moving on to ribbons...prep the ribbons by cutting one end of each on a diagonal, and carefully singeing all ends with a lighter. This will prevent the ribbons from fraying, and give them a finished look

    7. Thread the straight cut side (not the diagonal cut) of one of the ribbons through one of the jump rings, and fold the end of the ribbon back over itself, and around the jump ring.

    8. Secure the ribbon with one or two stitches using the needle and thread. You choose to use super glue instead - I was worried about it seeping through and looking dark. I've had issues with glue lately.


    9. Fold the edges of the ribbon together to cover and conceal the folded over end, and using the needle and thread, sew them together. Make sure to knot the thread a couple times so that the stitch won't unravel - feel free to whip out some glue if you feel the need to doubly secure it.


    10. Repeat steps 7-9 with the other ribbon on the other jump ring.

    11. Try on your necklace and enjoy!

    Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm
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