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Budget Savvy Bride Andrea's Story


Hello my name Andrea and I'm getting married on October 16th 2010, and I started out by saving my girls money on there dresses.  My colors are brown and baby blue and I found a cute brown dress at Taget for 20.00 that i liked for them and I found baby blue pashmina's for 9.99 each and a sash for 15.00, talk about bargins.  Also i found a great little flower shop that has a dozon roses white roses for 5.00, you just can't beat that, and I found a online flower shop that has 10 stems of Blue Hydrengia's for 19.99. I will them for the tables and bouquets and I found canning jars that were never used at my house and will put some ribbon round them or leave them blank as the center pieces. My cousin will be him make mine and my girls bouquet and the boys boutinears so i'm saiving a ton by doing this.  I also found my invites for 19.99 that I will be doing my self at home, very simple and easy to do and i'm starting now so i'm not over welmed later.  I'm also finding lots of bargin ons, i got really cute birg paper cake toppers for like $8.00, and my girls jewelry for under 20.00.  I also am a member of Vistaprints and was able to get free stuff and just pay shipping, so I got some stuff to put in my girls bags, and I got the place setting cars for guest on there.  By using Martha i was able to print out all of my table #'s on baby blue cardstock.  I'm always useing coupons when going to the craft stores or any store if i need anything.  But do things like this and spacing out my purcheses I can manage the money better as it comes. 

I"m also having a cupcake tower that a women at my work is doing for about a $1.00 a cupcake and they aren't the tiny cupcakes either.  YUMMY!!!!!

I know I have tons more savings but can't think of them right now. 






Last Updated: July 15, 2010 at 8:32 am
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