DIY Wedding Challenge: DIY Escort Cards


 DO IT YOURSELF Vintage lace place/escort cards


What you need: tent cards (made by cutting 5.5x4 strips and scoring in half), 6 inch strips of ribbon, 4 inch strips of lace, all purpose glue, 2.5x1.25 black strips, 2x1 white strips, optional: rhinestones (will depend on type of lace).

You can purchase or make tent cards, using cardstock (any kind with some thickness to it) cut into 5.5x4 strips. Score the card down the middle, if you're handy with the paper cutter you can do it with the same blade you've been using by pressing lightly (or you can do it with a scoring blade). Then fold the tent card where you scored it)


Apply all purpose glue to the lace with a small paint brush in the thicker parts of the lace, attach to the tent card along the top edge.


Apply more glue as needed and glue the lace to the front flap.


Now attack the small white strips to the black strips so that that you can see an equal amount of black edging on each side. Then punch holes on each end (be sure not to punch too close to the edge)

If you plan on printing the names of your guests on the computer be sure to do this first and then cut the names out, if you're writing them out you can assemble and them write them out.

Now string ribbon through the hole (first use lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon, be very careful hold the lighter still and slowly move the frayered edge to the flame, it will melt fast so move your hand in a steady movement). Place the "name plate over the tent and open the tent so you see the inside, pick up one edge of ribbon apply a small amount of all purpose glue and glue the edge to the inside of the front tent flap, repeat with the other side of the ribbon making sure the ribbon is tight.

Now you can either write the table number or apply a sticker label inside the tent card. If you are writing, open the tent card and use a white/silver pen. Or you can print numbers/names of your tables and apply the sticker on the inside of the flap.

Here is the finished product (if you use the kind of lace that has space to attach some rhinestones for some sparkle your escort cards will be extra special)


Last Updated: December 20, 2013 at 7:00 pm
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