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Budget Savvy Bride - Fabulous, Inexpensive Invites


I have been searching up and down from website to website trying to make my own invites since I've been engaged (or, since January!) and have had trouble finding something nice, yet affordable.  We went to a local business and got quoted for some invites for a very reasonable price, but they were so boring!  Boring just isn't our style! After we had that appointment, I was even more bound and determined to find something I could do on my own. 

As a hobby I really enjoy digital scrapbooking; it's very similiar to standard scrapbooking except everything is on your computer and it's much less messy! I have done a couple of invites and printed them as photos so I thought maybe I would attempt our wedding invites.  Low and behold, I made a 4X9 wedding invite that looks absolutely fabulous, but it's only going to cost us less than $150 for 300 invites! 

After doing my own invites I have had many requests from family members and friends to do their wedding invites, and I am thinking of trying to make invites for people as a side project to get more money for our wedding!  So, not only did I get a steal for amazing invites, but I also found a way to make more money for the wedding doing something that I absolutely love!

The first picture below is our wedding invites which will be printed on cardstock through an online printing company.  We found this to be very inexpensive because typically the websites are for businesses who print advertisements, flyers, postcards, etc. for their company.  But, it's also great to use as means for printing invites! :)  The second picture is one I did for my cousin.

This is our wedding invitation; on the back will be a picture of the two of us and R.S.V.P. info! It's so so so stunning as a printed invite!



Last Updated: September 5, 2013 at 7:54 pm
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