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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010 Slinn2b


What!???  $165 for MY bouquet alone??  Let alone the rest of the flowers I'll need??

Well my stars no!!!!!!!! 

Not on this girls wedding budget!!

Instead... Lets try about $150 total for all this! :

My bouquet

1 MOH bouquet

3 BM's bouquets

1 MOB Corsage

and 5 boutineers!!!  NO!  I'm NOT kidding!!

Not only do they LOOK amazingly REAL, they FEEL real... and get this!!  Thanks to my FI's input... they SMELL reall too!  (God love that man of mine!!) 

Here are the pictures..... 'How-to' to follow: (you won't believe how simple it is!!)

My Bouquet:... Ivory 'Real Touch' (or Natural Touch) roses from Hobby Lobby.  ALWAYS wait til they have their 50% off stems sale!!

MOH Bouquet:

3 BM's Bouquets:

MOB Corsage and Bout's:

NO ONE!  Will know they are not real!  AND... the best part... I plan to make one more small TOSS bouquet.  I plan to KEEP my bouquet forever and ever and ever!  It will never lose it's beauty!  And it's memories will never fade!

Now for the secret...

Make them SMELL as real as they look!!

For my roses... I used a rose-scented aroma oil and just dabbed some down inside each bloom!  You can also use floral scented room spray!!  OMG!!  who'da thunk it!?!

As you can see, I also used some PEONIES for the bouquets.. I used a "floral-scented' room spray and just lightly sprayed those.  I keep them all in my formal dining room, in the china cabinet... and since I can't stop playing with them.. every time I open the cabinet... the beautiful smell just makes me smile!!

This DIY was so much fun and it was SO EASY and sooooooo in-expensive!

I arranged the stems USING A SIMPLE BREAD TIE !!!  OMG!! (I mean, who's gonna know??)

For the first layer, I wrapped the stems with an ivory organza fabric.  I fashioned the top of the fabric to resemble a flower.. in my case... a rose :)

Then I wrapped a beautiful hot pink, velvet ribbon over the organza and the length of the stems.  I then took the silver 'wire-ribbed' ribbon and wrapped that over the pink.  I used a hot glue gun to tack down the end of the ribbon. 

You can adorn your bouquets with anything you like... Brooches, bling, pearl strands.. etc.  My wedding is a Dragonfly theme.. so naturally..... ;)

To Continue to keep my total cost down, I used the very same silver, wire-ribbed ribbon to simply wrap around the stem of each boutineer... how simple is that??!  Take a boutineer pin.... and Viola!! Presto! Boutineer-o!!

Even if you have no craft-skills what-so-ever!!  Please give this a try!!  I saved an EASY $800 + dollars on my floral!! 

Hey!  I may even consider handing out a door prize to the first person that finally figures out they are not real!!!

Happy DIY'ing to you all!!

GO PW!!!   Rah!  Rah! Rah!!!!!

May you all have the weddings of your little girl dreams!!

Mad love!, Slinn2b

Last Updated: August 28, 2013 at 9:45 pm
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