DIY: Cake Decorating Tutorial


Ever want to tackle making a cake and covering it with the ever-dreaded fondant, but can't figure out just how to do it? I'll explain the gist of how to cover a cake in fondant.

[cake should be baked & filled [if doing a filling] at this point with a crumb coat of frosting.]

Step 1:Lather up the mat with Crisco & then dust with a mixture (1:1 ratio) of powdered sugar & cornstarch.

Step 2: Roll the fondant out to about an 1/8" thickness. To determine how big the fondant should be, measure the cake lengthwise & then the height. Total length + height + height + 2" extra. Use the numbers on the mat to determine how far to roll.

Ex) 10" round cake that is 3" high = 10+3+3+2 = 18"

Step 3: Using the rolling pin, roll the fondant around the rolling pin.

Step 4: Place the rolling pin to one side of the cake and slowly unroll, making sure that there is enough fondant on each side of the cake to fully cover it.

Step 5: Start to gently poll & press the fondant down around the cake, making sure to not stretch the fondant too much or else it will tear. Work your way all around the cake.

Step 6: Cut off excess fondant using a fondant cutter. Be sure to cut at the seam where the cake meets the board, otherwise the fondant will not cover the cake completely & you will be left with gaps at the base of the cake.

Step 7: Using the fondant smoother, smooth out the fondant. If bubbles are found, use a pin or needle to poke a small hole in the center of the bubble & gently press out the air.

Step 8: Decorate cake as you wish.

VIOLA!! You're now an expert cake decorator! ((:



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm
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