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The Dress Does Matter


Your wedding dress is probably the most important part of your wedding planning and the dress does matter. Before going through my journey of dress hunting, I kept telling myself, it is just a dress, what is important is getting married. The dress is important because when you walk down the aisle and look at your pictures 20 years from now, you still want to have the feeling you had when you chose it. Here are five things I learned during my dress search that I feel are essential.

 ~ Do not let someone pick your dress for you to make them happy and do not get something you do not like. 

~When you go dress hunting, have a budget so you are not shown dresses that you will fall in love with but can't have because of money.

~ Do not take a lot of people with you! This is YOUR DAY and the more opinions you get, the more confused and unhappy you will become and you will end up getting something you do not want!  Friends and family can be cruel and unkind and forget whose day this is!

~Shop around! I would not advise looking for a dress a year or more in advance. What happens is more styles will come out the closer to your day and you will end up wanting a new style and hating the dress you purchased.

~ Last but not least, please make sure you have a very knowledgeable consultant at the dress store who is listening to your wants and needs.  This makes all the difference in the world! If your consultant is not knowledgeable or seems disinterested in your wants and needs, ask for a new one. My issue was I didn't feel like a bride with my dress on because I looked so busty with the sweetheart neckline.  My consultant discovered it was the bra they had me wearing in prior fittings and had me put on my dress without a bra.  This dramatically changed the look of my dress and had she not did this, I would have exchanged my dress.

                           BEFORE WITH BRA                     AFTER WITHOUT BRA

For all you ladies photo 3323797-1

 Happy dress hunting ladies! Get something you love, that makes you cry everytime you put it on and above all, MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE THE LOVELY BRIDE YOU ARE!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:18 pm
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