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You want to Splurge or you want to Steal?


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Who doesn't love to Splurge every once in a while when you have a chance? But being able to catch a Steal of deal can be a better option because you can get something else as well. Enjoy ladies!!!

Splurge - Tiffany & Company Champagne Toasting Flutes - $125.00

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-1

Steal - Oriental Trading Company Champagne Flutes with FREE MONOGRAM - $16.00

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-2

Splurge - Champagne Flutes in Vase at - $52.50

Engraved Champagne Flutes in Crystal Vase

Steal - Champagne Flutes in vase at - $16.00

P.S. - I got these for my wedding!

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-3


Splurge - Tiffany & Company Sterling Silver I love you heart necklace - $450.00

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-4

Steal - Things Remembered Sterling Silver Heart Locket - $80.00

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-5

Splurge - Tiffany & Company Picture Frame - $475.00

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-6

Steal - Things Remembered Picture Frame - $19.99

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-7

Splurge - Tiffany & Co ring holder - $325.00

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-8

Steal - Vera Wang ring holder at Bed, Bath & Beyond - $44.99

Who doesn t love photo 3467060-9

You are one of the reasons I LOVE THIS SITE. Thank you

I LOVE the steals!!!  Some of my favorite places to shop.  :-)

Honestly, I always love the steals so much more than the splurges!

@Kim - You have absolutely no idea what your words just did for me right now! Thank you so much!

@Becca and Nichole - I always love the steals too!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:53 pm
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