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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Square votives with Loose Filler


Being the brilliant person I am, I couldn't just settle for round votive holders, oh no.  After we had ordered over a hundred 4" square glass votive holders when I realized that square candles do not seem to exist.  Not wanting to put a round object in a square hole, I decided to make the candles myself.

Now anyone who has any experience in candle making would say, so what.  It is no big deal to fill up a glass vase with hot wax, get over yourself.  Oh but this is where my neurotic tendencies really start to show through.  Given that it is a black and white wedding I wanted to have a touch of black in the bottom of the glass vase.  However I didn't want the wax to mix with the filler, because it gets all gooey and unprofessional looking.  I wanted the candle to float above the black filler.  I had some success with black sand, it was simple, easy and really nothing more than heating wax for containers up and pouring into a warmed glass partially filled with sand. 

This wasn't quite the look I wanted though.  I wanted something edgier, more modern and different.  I wanted to have black marbles with the wax floating above it.  Inorder to do this I purchased blank stencil plastic, the kind that you cut your own design into.  I cut a piece of the plastic to fit the 4" glass cube.  Two rows of black marbles were added, making them as level as possible.  Put the clear plastic on top, and use clear silicone caulk to seal the clear plastic to the glass.  Do not use hot glue, it will melt, I tried.   Make sure there are no holes or gaps, the wax will get through if there are any holes.  Try to get as level a line as possible, you can use a dry erase marker to draw a guide line on the outside of the glass if this helps.  Don't worry to much about being neat, the caulk becomes invisible once the wax sets.

Place the glass in a warm oven, 150 degrees to slow the cooling process of the wax and make sure that the wax adheres to the sides of the glass and doesn't pull away later.  Heat your wax up in a double boiler (make sure it is wax for containers) to the specified temperature.  Pour a 1/4" layer of wax into the container, add the wick, let cool and secure the wick to a straw or wood skewer.  You want the wick to be as centered and straight as possible for good burning.  Make sure your wick is properly sized for your container as well, I used a medium wick.  Once the first layer has cooled add the rest of the wax, give yourself a 1/4" at least from the top.  The wax will shrink and you will need to top it off two or three more times for an even surface on the top.  Trim the wick and you are ready to go. 

You will have everyone wondering how you did it!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:53 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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