DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Wedding Favor Bag Tag


Okay I admit it, I cheated.  When I was looking for something to put our wedding favors into, the thought of hand-made bags from great patterned fabric crossed my mind.  Then I realized I can't sew.  Instead I bought paper gift bags with a fun polka-dot pattern, but in order to have a personal touch I looked into making gift tags.  Can I just say craft punches are the best thing in the world! 

I found the largest tag shaped craft punch available, 2.5" and an edging punch with a great modern pattern of dots.  The scrapbooking paper aisle had the perfect shade of green and we were off to the races. 

One sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper resulted in 13 tags.  Once the tags were punched I used the edge punch to add a decorative trim to the bottom of each tag.  While this was nice it wasn't quite there yet. 

I cut out 13 more tags from black paper and trimmed the tags down so that it overlapped nicely with the green. 

Each black tag was stamped with a letter B, using silver ink.  Fiskars High-density pigment ink worked beautifly.  While the ink was still wet I sprinkled 'crystal snow' (glitter) over the stamp for a little extra jazz. 

Once the ink dried, and excess glitter was tapped off, I used needle nose pliers to position the two tag shapes where I liked them.  The needle nose pliers really helped to avoid smudging and kept the two tags from shifting as I added a silver grommet to hold them together an provide a hole for the ribbon to run through.

Once the grommet was in place I ran 5/16" sheer ribbon through the hole, added the Thank You Charm, and tied the tag to the bag.  The result is an off the shelf item dressed up to be anything but average.  All for less than a dollar a tag.

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