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DIY Burlap Runner DONE!


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Finished up my burlap table runner last night! YAY! This was way more cost effective to DIY then to buy… So I decided to make my first HOW To Article and share with you my little secret on a more cost effective and easy DIY burlap table runner…


Rotary Cutter or Scissors

Cutting Mat (Optional)


Measuring Tape

I got my burlap from save-on-crafts I used the Natural and Moss Green Jute Burlap Roll 10 yards (30 foot) x 14" wide that's on sale for $11...

Since the rolls are 30' I decided to make each runner 10' so I would get 3 out of each roll... These would fit the 6' rectangular tables. For our few 8' table I to waste some burlap and cut them 12' long so I was only able to get 2 out of them... That's less than $4 a runner!

Here is a nice tip on cutting burlap... When you measure out where you want to cut the runner off pull out the string where your 10' mark would be... Here is a picture to better demonstrate...



When you pull the string out it gives you a guideline to follow so you cut straigt :) and so that your burlap does not fray!

The best part about this burlap is that they are the perfect width so no hemming at all! Such a fast and easy DIY for anyone!

Hope you all enjoy! Here are all the ones I did last night! The skinny ones are going to be my chair sashes!


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:19 pm
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