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DIY: Framed Monogram


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What a fun and easy DIY! Would be great for all these fall weddings!!!


We started with this old picture that my grandma had & wasn't using anymore. She had given it to my mom months ago thinking that maybe we could use the frame for a project of some kind.

It screams 1980's! I pretty sure its from Home Interiors or something. :)

We took the picture out of it & used it as a template to trace the size & shape we needed in order to cover the old picture.

Then we took the frame, primed it, & gave it a couple coats of an ivory colored spray paint....

(Insert Picture Here)

Sorry ya'll I forgot to take a picture of this, but its pretty self explanatory right?!


Moving on...

We bought a wooden "W" (which is the first letter of the bride & groom's last name) at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks and began painting...


We gave it a coat of brown paint...


Then we hit a few different areas of the letter with a crackling medium...

After letting the crackling medium dry, we then went over it with a cream colored paint...

The cream colored paint then crackled as it dried to let parts of the brown shine through.

We also used an antiquing medium over the "W" as well to add to the aged look we were going for.

Lastly, we hit the edges and a few spots on the top surface of the letter with some sandpaper to rough it up a bit!

Then we put the frame back together, with the burlap backing then added the "W" to the center.

And we ended up with this...


I'm loving it! 

**LOVE*** i want to try this!!

Oh Em GEE I love it!

THere's so many great ideas on here I want to do them all!! Love this one!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:35 pm
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