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Budget Savvy Bride: A platinum wedding on a silver budget


Every Sunday, we turn on our TV's and flip to WETV to watch Wedding Sunday. My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Bridezillas, Battle of the Wedding Planners, all of our favorite wedding shows. We love them all, but Platinum Weddings is on another level. We sit and swoon at all of the gorgeous over the top fabulousness that our eyes feast on and wish, oh wish we could have that type of wedding. I am that bride. I want the platinum wedding but how can it be so when I am on a silver if not bronze budget? 

Three letters: DIY. There are so many areas of the wedding that you can do yourself where it doesn't look like a kindergarten art project. I, personally, did and plan on doing many DIY projects. I am doing all my stationary, including my DVD invitations. Although the invitations look like a million bucks, they cost very little, even less than I would have paid for just paper invitations. I did my moss letters to hang on the church doors. On Etsy, similar products would run me $50 a letter! My whole DIY project for both of the moss letters was less than $30. I also saved money by making my 8 bridesmaids their bracelets and earrings. I chose one piece of jewelry to splurge on and buy for them (the necklace) but I made the rest and they look just as beautiful. I made hair flowers for my hostesses, pomanders and jewelry for my flower girls, boutonnières for my ring bearers and ushers, and getting ready hoodies for my maids and myself. My personal favorite DIY was making my $90 shoes look like they cost well over a thousand by blinging them out. I've received so many compliments on them already! Now with a little over a month to go to the big day, I am working on my card box, aisle runner, the stationary, cake table letters, and the unity candles. When I show people all I have done, the same question always follows, "Are you an Arts and Crafts genius?". No. I just have the most wonderful resource in the world! Project Wedding. On PDub, you can find all the information you could possibly need to become a DIY Diva. Project Wedding is also a great source to find items you need or want for you wedding at a less expensive price. If you are looking for table linens or bulk candles, just by posting a question in the forums, you will get so much information from reputable sites that other brides have used.  I have learned so much from the brides on Project Wedding that has helped me plan an amazing wedding that I would have only otherwise dreamed of. From articles to other brides, you can get everything you need to help cut costs, but not quality, for your personal platinum wedding.

Last Updated: July 10, 2010 at 3:26 pm
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