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How to download free fonts off the internet


If you are planning on DIYing any stationery for your wedding you may find that your preloaded selection of fonts on your computer may not be adequate.

There are tons of free fonts on the Internet.

These sites are absolutely great, but what do you do after you've found the perfect font?

I am running Windows Vista, but I choose these basic steps because they should go with any 21st century version. If this doesn't work for you, look on the Internet. There are many tutorials.

Step 1: Find your font, and click the download button.

Step 2: In the pop-up window click Save File then OK

Step 3: A new pop-up window should appear. It is the Downloads folder. If it does not pop-up automatically you may find it under My computer > admin > Downloads.

Find your downloaded file. It will probably be a zip file. If you have an old version of windows you will have to download a program such as WinZip. More modern versions of windows come with there own unzipping programs.

(Okay so that really wasn't a step, but it was a lot of info for some people so I'm counting it as one.)

Step 4: (To make up for step 3 I will make this a 2 parter.)  

Close down your Internet window so that you are at your desktop with the downloads window still up.   (Please ignore my desktop background. Fi is a MAJOR mtg nerd.)

Then drag the zipped file onto the desktop. Just click and drag anywhere in the blank space.

You're doing great!!! Just a little more to go.

Step 5: Right click your mouse over the icon on your desktop. A menu will pop-up. Click on the Extract All option.

Step 6: A new pop-up window will appear. It should direct for the file to be extracted to the desktop. If not, you can type out for it to or just note where it is sending it and find it afterwards. Click the Extract button.

Step 7: (This is a big step) Now the unzipped file should pop-up. If not click the folder icon that is unzipped. (Again, that should be on your desktop or wherever the last step's window told you it would be.) It will look similar to the window shown below on the right. It may have more than one TTF file. That is the file that actually hold the text information that you need. It will be shown with an icon of a page with a T on it or a green O. The folder may also have more or less other files as well. They are not important to more over in most cases.

Next you will want to find your fonts folder. There are easier ways to do this, but this is the tried and true way to get it done on just about any system. Go to your start menu and click Computer (or my computer) > Local Disk C > Windows > Fonts.

I promise that was the hardest step. Smooth sailing from here.

Step 8: Drag the TTF file over into your fonts folder. The TTF file will be the one with the little paper icon with a T or O. If you are unsure open the file and it should show the font characters you are wanting to download. Sometimes it shows them individually, and sometimes it shows them as a sentence written over and over again.

After you click and drag the icon into any empty space in the folder a pop-up window may appear asking permission to continue. Click Allow or OK


Step 9: Check to make sure your new font transferred successfully. It should be listed in alphabetical order.

Once you find it you may delete the icons off of your desktop. Just right click and scroll down on the pop-up menu to delete. Or click on them and press the delete key. Either way is fine. You can also delete the file from your downloads folder. It is now successfully in your computer.

You can use the new font in Microsoft, OpenOffice, Paint, etc.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You did it!!!!






Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:00 am
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