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15 Wedding Guest Dos and Don'ts


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Saw this article on MSN today and I thought how funny would it be to actually send your guests these 15 do's and don'ts with the invitations so they know in advanced what is expected of them, LOL!!!!

15 Wedding Guest Dos and Don'ts

DO RSVP: Pay attention to the deadline on the invitation. In fact, if you know your reply, pop it in the mail as soon as possible.


DON'T assume you can bring a date: Unless it says "and guest" on the invitation, only you should be attending. And no, DON'T call the bride and ask if you can bring a date, either. If it were in their budget, the bride and groom would've extended the extra invitation.

DO buy a wedding gift early: Couples spend tons of time choosing the items on their registry - and they picked 'em because they plan on actually using them, says Carley Roney of The Knot ( So do them and yourself a favor and buy from the registry. To make your gift seem more personal, buy it early, when there's more of a selection to choose from. Otherwise, you might indeed end up having to spring for the garlic press, dish towel and rolling pin combo.
DON'T bring a large gift to the wedding: Between taking down the decorations, remembering to hand out vendor tips and saying goodbye to all their guests, the last thing the bride and groom - and their families - need to worry about at the end of the reception is figuring out how to fit all their gifts in the car. Save them the trouble by shipping yours directly to their home.

DO be on time: True fact: Weddings tend to run late. But that doesn't mean you should. Plan to be at the ceremony 20 to 30 minutes early, says Azure Nelson of

DON'T forget to turn off your phone: As much as everyone loves a random ringtone outburst of "Never Gonna Give You Up," don't ruin the couple's big day by interrupting their vows with Rick Astley - or anything else.

DO pay attention to the dress code: You don't want to be underdressed for the wedding. Even if it's casual, always wear a dress, skirt or suit. Dress for the venue, but follow instructions from the bride and groom, advises Roney.

DON'T wear white: This one should go without saying, but just in case, we'll repeat: Who wants to be that girl? You've got a million color combinations to choose from; you don't need to wear white. Oh, and stay away from the light ivories, too.

DO stay out of the photographer's way: He or she needs to capture those life-changing moments, says Brooklyn Bride's ( Vane Broussard. It won't be the same if your head is in the way, so pay attention, and above all, resist the urge to photo-bomb

DO congratulate the family: Even if you've never met the couple's parents, seek them out to introduce yourself, thank them and tell them how much you enjoyed the wedding. Note: This one is particularly important if there isn't a receiving line.

DO party! Many brides and grooms have an irrational fear of their guests not having a good time at the reception. Give them some peace of mind by getting out on the dance floor, mingling with new friends and smiling - no matter how much you hate the Electric Slide.

DON'T get wasted Enjoy the bar; don't abuse it. One shot too many and the bride's reception becomes a chore, says Nelson.

DO sign the guestbook Yes, it may seem cheesy, but the wedding is oftentimes a big blur for the couple, and they'll want to remember everyone who attended.

DON'T talk forever Make a point of saying hello to the bride and groom, but keep your conversation short, so they can make their rounds and maybe even have time to get a bite or two of all that food they picked out! Oh, and speaking of chatting, refrain from complaining about how long it took you to get to the wedding or how awful the weather was during the ceremony; they don't need to hear it.

DO remember your favor OK, so you might not love the Jordan almonds or appreciate the handmade coasters, but the couple put a lot of time and money into those trinkets as a way to say thank you for coming. Take 'em with you, even if you toss them the minute you get home.




Last Updated: July 22, 2011 at 4:37 am
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