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Super Easy DIY Heart Garland!



DIY and EASY don't go together all the time, but this is seriously unbelivably easy!


An obsession with Martha Stewart products helps, but the hole punchers that help to create this item are also made by other brands.


  • Decorative scrapbook paper (mine are in my colors and a few associated patterns)

  • Hemp cord (or any other somewhat thin cord)

  • larger heart Martha Stewart puncher

  • 1/16" inch Martha Stewart hole puncher


  1. Cut out as many 1" hearts from the scrapbook paper as you desire.  The more hearts in different colors & patterns, the better.

  2. On either side of the heart, punch a 1/16" hole in order to thread the cord through.

  3. Cut as long a cord as desired (I cut 8 yards of black hemp cord into four, 2-yard segments).

  4. Thread the hearts on!


  • Depending on the type of cord, you might need to apply glue to the end of the cord and twist it to create a stiff end in order to thread through the hearts.

  • You can also thread the hearts by punching one tiny hole in the heart and hanging it from there.  Hemp cord will twirl and come out looking twisted, but it still looks cute and quirky in that way.

  • You can hang this from gift tables, on an archway, or use it to decorate your ceremony/reception space in any way you see fit!

Easy way to add a colorful, handmade touch to your wedding!

We ended up stringing these hearts from the blanket we used as the photobooth backdrop.  While we wanted to hang them as a scalloped garland, they looked great just hanging out!  Hooray!!

(My mother-in-law and my husband's aunts all helped string the last pieces before the wedding, so they felt personally invested in each strand!  The garlands are now hanging up in our bedroom.)

Photograph by Robert McClory

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:26 am
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