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Versatile Seed Bead & Ribbon Necklace



Versatile Seed Bead and Ribbon Necklace

February 8, 2012

By Bowdabra Design Team

Combine wire and ribbon to create a gorgeous versatile piece of jewelry.  This tutorial

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-1 

will show you how a ribbon necklace can also be used as bracelet.

Ribbon jewelry is a hot fashion trend!  I designed this a unique jewelry piece combining ribbon, wire, and seed beads.  I used Ribbon-to-Bead (a Bowdabra exclusive) to easily thread large eyed beads onto satin ribbon.  The Ribbon-to-Bead comes with a wire threader attached to the ribbon – making it a piece of cake to add beads to ribbon.

Materials Needed:

  • Ribbon-to-Bead Pink Satin

  • Seed Beads

  • Large Eyed Beads

  • 24 gauge wire

  • Jump Rings

  • Clasps

  • Jewelry Tools (long nose pliers & wire cutters)

  • Glue



1.  To make the necklace I first cut 34″ of 24 gauge wire.  I like using 24 gauge wire because it is easy to bend and work with.  Coil the end of the wire and create a loop.  The loop will be used to attach the wire to jump rings.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-2

2. Attach seed beads to the 24 gauge wire and finish with another loop and coiled end.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-3

3. Next, completely unroll the Ribbon-to-Bead from the spool.   Attach a jump ring to the end of the ribbon and glue the ribbon in place.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-4

4. Attach the seed bead strand to the jump ring.  Begin to twist the wire around the ribbon.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-5

5. As you twist the seed beads around the ribbon begin to thread large eyed beads onto the ribbon.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-6

6. Continue adding beads and twisting the seed beads around the ribbon.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-7

7. Add beads onto the ribbon until you run out of wire.  If you want your necklace to be larger use a longer strand of wire and seed beads.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-8

8. Finish the necklace by gluing another jump ring to the ribbon, attaching the seed beads, and adding a clasp.

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-9

9. Your wire and ribbon jewelry is finished!  Best of all it can be a necklace or used as a bracelet.  It is a great versatile and trendy piece of handmade jewelry!

Versatile Seed Bead and photo 3293542-10

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:53 pm
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