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Scrabble Magnet Favors


Scrabble has always been one of my all-time favorite board games. It was a game that we loved to play when my husband and I first became friends, it played a role when he first asked me out, and it even came up again when he finally asked me to marry him. I knew that I wanted Scrabble to show up in our wedding somehow, but in a way that was sweet and meaningful.
In the end, I came up with the idea of making Scrabble tile magnet favors. Each favor was a four-letter word related to love (hope, kiss, true, wish, etc.), and our letterpressed favor tags read, “Some parting words of love.”
These favors would be perfect for a board game-themed wedding, a wedding based on beautiful words, a poem, or song lyric, or just as an extra charming touch to a simple, DIY wedding. 
Scrabble tiles (enough for 1 4-letter word per favor)
Strong magnets  (I used these)
Slide top tins, 79mm x 35mm x 10mm (found here)

Hot glue
Spray adhesive

Patterned paper

Paper cutter (optional)
Favor tag


1. Track down enough scrabble tiles to make one 4-letter word per favor.
I’d suggest purchasing 1/5 more than you need in order to provide yourself with more letter choices.  For 200 favors, I purchased 1000 Scrabble tiles.

2. Take inventory of all the letters to determine how many of each letter you have.

3. Round up your favorite Scrabble buddies.
Make it a game and ask them to come up with as many 4-letter words related to your theme as possible, given the inventory of your Scrabble tiles.  Note of caution: Must love Scrabble to do this or else will feel like homework!

4. Hot glue one magnet to the back of each Scrabble tile. 
Be careful not to put the tiles too closely together when drying.  The magnets are so strong that they can actually detach from the hot glue and attach to another magnet. 

5. Cut out the patterned paper.
Cut your paper using a paper cutter or scissors into rectangles the same size as your slide top tins (about 3 1/8” x 1 3/8”).  Round the edges.

6.  Lay out the newspaper on the ground in a well-ventilated area and lay out 6 tins in a grid pattern.

Make sure you adequately cover every inch of your work surface and table and floors were sticky for weeks!

7. Spray with spray adhesive.
Holding the spray about 12 inches away from the tins, spray an even coat of adhesive over tins.  Try to spray from the top directly to avoid getting adhesive on the sides of the tins. 

8. Immediately attach patterned paper to all 6 tins.  
You can do more or less than 6 at a time, but I found that 6 was the most I could attach before the adhesive became less sticky. Repeat until all tins are completed.

9. Sand the edges.
After the tins have dried for a few hours, lightly sand the edges for a more polished look.  If you’d like a more vintage look, sand the tops as well. 

10. Fill the tins with Scrabble magnet words.

11. Tie the tins with ribbon and attach any tags that you might want.

*Suggestion: If you’d like to incorporate a raffle/prize in your wedding, you can easily hide special 4-letter words in the favors.  For our wedding, we hid two special words in our favors – “word” and “suns” that stood for things that my husband and I love. “Word” referred to my love for word games and “suns” referred his love for the basketball team, The Phoenix Suns. Our two guests who received these two favors were gifted a Scrabble game and mini basketball. It was our "wish" that each of our guests could take a little piece of us home with them!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:07 am
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